Monthly Archives: February 2016

Interview with Gunnar Andreassen

The internet is the best thing that ever happened to artists in terms of getting their work out and seen by a large audience. One of the major advantages about the internet is that it’s all in your hands, waiting for you to take the initiative to make things happen. Unfortunately, whether or not you get noticed […]

Interview with Margharet Manzano: The Art of Elegant Abstraction

Today, I’m really pleased to interview Spanish Artist Margharet Manzano.   Margharet Manzano Interview: The Art of elegant Abstraction   Please tell us a bit about yourself and your universe? I live in Barcelona.  I was born unrelentingly creative: normality doesn’t apply to my day to day life, every event is transformed into a creative act. […]

Interview with Nicole Russin-McFarland

This week, I’m pleased to interview a very complete Artist, music composer, and filmmaker Nicole Russin-McFarland.   Artist Nicole Russin-McFarland Interview   Please tell us a bit about yourself and your universe? I am a film director, classical music composer, model, foodie, University of Texas at Austin graduate, native of Illinois in the USA, and entrepreneur with […]

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