Monthly Archives: July 2017

An Interview with Music Composer Kobi Arad

Kobi Arad is an Israeli-American pianist and music composer of fusion music. He was brought up in Haifa, learned music at Tel Aviv University and currently lives in New York. In his music, he combines various styles, including third-stream, jazz, R & B, Hip-hop and electro-music, with improvisation being the focus of most of his […]

An Interview with Afro-Rapper Md Lyonga

I have the pleasure to interview Cameroonian rapper MD Lyonga, based in Canada, on the occasion of his participation in the new Art Show “FIXATE” on August 18, presented by RAW:Toronto.   Please, Md Lyonga tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to music? I was born in English Cameroon; in a […]

Making the Planet Blue again: Boyan Slat’s creative solution to clean up our oceans

CreativInn aims at promoting artists from around the world as well as creative projects that could make the world better. Today, I want to talk about Boyan Slat, who, since he was a teen, has wanted to make the planet blue again. “If you want to do something, do it as soon as possible” – […]

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