Known as Mr. Clever Art in the art world, Andrew Rosenblatt is strongly emerging in the Contemporary Pop Art scene. Born in New York and currently living in Los Angeles, California, he is most known for his unique way of fusing bright colors with luxury merchandise such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Mr. Clever uses a random artistic and eclectic creativity of Pop Art fused with Juxtaposition, abstract lines, and dots to make up most of his Contemporary art. His artwork is quickly and covertly being scooped up by art collectors, art investors and art galleries around the world.


Welcome to Mr. Clever, Digital Artist, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in painting?

Well, I’m not a digital artist… I consider myself a painter, or to be exact, a Contemporary Pop Artist fuzed with Abstract insanity.

I am a Los Angeles Artist, who has always lived next to Hollywood and as you can tell, my art is influenced as such.  I began painting as a kid, with finger painting and creating books.  I still use finger painting a lot in my paintings of supermodels.

I think I find ways to make sure my hands are nearly always in the paint.  I even appreciate the fine smell of spray paint which I use a lot in my paintings.

How did you come up with “Mr. Clever” as your artist name? Is there a link with the universe of your children’s books?

At first, I was Mr. Clever, but I feel Mr. Clever Art is more representative of my art now.  I started signing my paintings as Mr. Clever Art just before Art Basel Miami last year.

The “Art” is for “POP ART”!

How did I get my artist name?  It’s a name I grew into over several years of creating children’s books. To be clear, I am neither a Dr. Who Villain nor the children’s book character.

I did, however, create a universe as you say, and I truly think it’s very “Clever”.  See what I did there.  Paws Pals Publishing is my publishing company and I created all the books myself from start to finish.  Not exactly a link, but you can go online at Barnes and Nobles, Waterstones, and Amazon and type in Paws Pals Publishing and at least 30 of my 100 books will pop up.

All my books are stories of animals with human characteristics and mostly were made as early learning books, bedtime story books, and coloring books.  Each of my coloring books has its own series.


Do you have or have had a mentor or other particular person to guide you?

No, I do not have a mentor.  I do have artist influences as you can probably tell.

Pop Artists no longer with us, Abstract and Surrealism Artists no longer with us.  Modern-day Street Artists, thankfully that are still with us.


Your artworks are abstract but seem inspired by the everyday life, is your art style inspired by any real-life situations?

You hit it right on the button!

I have been told my paintings look like, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock got into a bar fight and my paintings are the aftermath.

My art is defined by Hollywood life.  It’s all I’ve ever seen.

I was in Paris, France a few years back.

The hotel I was staying out for my Holiday had an Original Louis Vuitton Giant Luggage Trunk that was turned into the main Hotel Elevator.

No joke, it changed my perception of life and art!

At that moment, I turned into Mr. Clever Art.

That exceptional form of Luxury and Juxtaposition quickly turned my art into what it is today.


Your manipulations stand out in incredible quality and technique. Could you explain your creating process?

Wow, thank you for saying that! Sometimes I will sit, stand, stalk by canvas until I’ve seen the entire finished painting in my mind.  Nothing is by accident.

It is very calculated and sometimes it can take me days until I realize what I want it to look like, which colors, and so forth.  It’s very mind consuming.

Without giving away my entire process… I will say that I use as much luxury as I can in my art.

I use vintage 50-year-old French luxury cotton paper for my paintings on paper.  I use luxury cotton canvas and luxury linen canvas on my paintings and also on my hand pulled screen prints.

My screen prints are all and only hand-pulled by me, no machines no buttons.  Even giant 5-foot screens prints are hand pulled by me. My giclee prints are on photo rag with deckled edges.

When I do my hand pulled screen prints I use special blends I’ve made using Tiffany gold dust or platinum diamond dust, or I use diamond dust. I also enjoy painting with diamond dust and adding diamonds onto my paintings.

For example, I’ll paint Diamond Dust in the hair or on the lips, or on the nails, or in the eyes, of my Kate Moss or Madonna paintings.

What role do you want to have in society as an Artist?

To provoke thought.

Get people thinking outside of the box.

Poke fun at society.

It’s life, why take it so seriously.


What are you currently working on?

I’m going BIG!  5 foot, 10-foot paintings.  5 foot by 10-foot paintings, and up to 20 feet.

Lots and lots of paintings in various sizes too!

I want to take up art collectors entire walls with my paintings.

Lots of new mediums and lots of mediums mixed together.

I’m forming different paints, different effects within the paint, different forms of luxury dust, lots of experimenting.

It’s fun!


Is artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

I’ve heard that it can be lonely.  For me no, not really.

I paint with a lot of colors so I think that helps.

Plus my dogs are always right there with me while I’m painting.

Since my art has become a little part of Hollywood culture these past couples of years, I go to a couple red carpet celebrity events each month.


Where is it possible to see your artworks? Do you plan to participate in any Art Events?

Last year, I participated in 5 group art shows including Art Basel Miami and 2 Charity Events where I donated my paintings to charity.

This year, I’d like to have My Own Solo Mr. Clever Art Show!

I wouldn’t mind participating in a couple of gallery group art shows, so any galleries reading…

For now, you can see some of my paintings and buy art on my website or on my Instagram @MrCleverArt

Elvis Peace House Rock Canvas Edition by Mr Clever Art

Elvis Peace House Rock Canvas Edition by Mr Clever Art

Thanks again Mr. Clever Art for the opportunity to interview you for Creativinn! Are there any final thoughts or words of advice you have for our readers?

I am going to give away one of my paintings in a contest after this magazine article is published!

To be included in the contest, all you have to do is add me on Instagram @MrCleverArt and go to and add your name to my email list.


I was recently fortunate to have a conversation with Shannon K, a talented singer-songwriter whose latest album “Perpetual” was recently released. We chatted about her sound, her musical inspirations, and the art of songwriting.

June 16th, 2001 marked the beginning of great things in India as Shannon K was born. Her father is renowned Veteran Bollywood playback vocalist, Kumar Sanu. Shannon K was brought up in the UK and now resides in Los Angeles, US. Shannon K recorded, directed by British movie director, William steel, her very first music video “move back the years” when she was just 12, in July 2014. She has been awarded “The best newcomer” from The Rolling Stones Film Festival.

Shannon K composes unique tunes and songs. Her lovely single “Sapphire” received a lot of appreciation. Shannon K has gone on to record blues, soft rock, ballad, R&B and pop songs since her debut to the music industry. Her first Album “Perpetual” was released in June 2017 and her music video “Lately” was the most viewed for over 24 hours, as announced by the Trendsetters.

Shannon K, a talented singer and songwriter, from Bollywood to Hollywood

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K

Shannon K interview

“Just believe in yourself and have confidence!”



Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K Shannon K, please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to music.

I am a singer/songwriter, I was born in India and brought up in London, I was classically trained from ABRSM (associated board of royal school of music) I sing pop songs but I like to explore all genres. I have sung EDM, Soft rock and Ballad etc. I was 12 when I had my debut single out ‘Roll Back The Years’ which was written by my sister Annabel K based on a real-life experience, and that’s how I came into music.


Who are some of your favorite musicians, and how did they influence you?

My favorite musicians apart from my Dad are; Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Adele, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars.
I was influenced by all of these amazing musicians because each one of them had their own unique style which drew me towards them. Their songs inspired me to become a singer. Song’s are basically related to the emotions and I always write about them, Whether I’m feeling sad, happy, angry etc. For me, life doesn’t exist without music.


Do you have other sources of inspiration?

Reading autobiographies of my idols motivates me because when I read them it shows me that a lot of people have failed before they got success. It gets me thinking ‘if they can make it why can’t I?’. When I see people on the streets playing cool music, looking at them motivates me to work harder and never give up I mean I get inspired by all the musicians and I hope if I get successful, I can help them whichever way they need. Besides this my family and friends motivate me as well, they are always there to support/encourage me.


Shannon K, what is the meaning behind your music?

The meaning behind my music is to make everyone feel good and I try to make my music as relatable as possible. I usually write based on my personal experiences or my friends and family’s experiences, basically, my lyrics are based on reality. My Goal is to make good music and share my feelings through my music. I think my music relates to Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Adele and Ed Sheeran because I write meaningful songs.


What do you think the most appealing aspect of your album “Perpetual”?

I think the most appealing aspect of my new music is melody and different sounds. Each one of my songs have amazing melody and they all sound different from each other, they all have their own story to tell and I really love that.

My latest album Perpetual is a book of never-ending emotions/feelings and stories. Each one of the songs has its own story to tell. I’ve co-written most of the songs with my little sister Annabel, who’s 13. There are producers like David Tyrell who I worked with and recorded 4 songs when I was 12 and residing in the U.K. Then I worked here with few more producers like Rishirich in the US. It took me 3 years to make this album.

Sometimes you feel like you need someone and you want them to be there with you. Other times it’s about missing the ones you have lost.

Sometimes you feel like saying “Boy look at me when I’m talking to you“, but sometimes you feel like saying “Don’t look at me like that with your pretty eyes” and I got inspired by Justin Bieber’s eyes to write “Pretty Eyes”.

Sometimes you just wanna have fun by getting Slow Down and feel Alive. So there are many emotions that are in this album.

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K in concert

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K in concert


When you are composing—how much of it is instinctual versus planned?

Most of it is instinctual because when you’re thinking about the theme then the ideas come to you almost immediately and I’m always writing so I look back in my diary and see if I have anything that can go with the song that I’m composing or I write on the spot according to my mood!

I grew up with not having my dad around as much because he was when I was a toddler and still is traveling around the world for his concerts. So apart from my mom, I had my grandparents, whom I lost at the age of 5. So basically, I missed most of the affection which I craved so bad and that emotion reflects on the songs ‘Running’ and “I Believe”.

Pretty Eyes” was actually inspired by Justin Bieber’s dreamy eyes. I was casually watching his music video “Boyfriend” and I didn’t realize that I was falling for him, and I guess that’s how the song came to be.

“Lately” is for all those girls who had their heart broken but know who they are. It’s about being independent, strong and beautiful even without a man.

There are some light-hearted party songs like alive, lonely here, it’s so good, and slow down which was produced by Rishi Rishirich.
The song ‘When Summer Comes’ is about being relaxed and enjoying the nature! It’s about forgetting all the stresses in your life for a while and spending time with your friends and family.

Shanon K, what are your future projects?

I have a lot of amazing projects that are coming soon, I have collaborated with Grammy Awards winner songwriter Poo Bear which was one of my 3 biggest dreams. I had another collaboration with Academy AAward-nominated producer Kyle Townsend for 4 songs. There is an Anti Bullying song in my EP which will be released by March this year. Along with that, I have other projects too which I’m super excited to share with everyone. I’ve collaborated with an Indian band for a song about Women Empowerment!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice that I’ve been given is to be positive and keep patience because patience is the key. One should never think that things gonna happen overnight. It takes years of hard work to achieve something. Always work hard to achieve your goals and do not care about what others say negative or think about you, just believe in yourself and have confidence. Be kind to others and praise everyone on social media because it makes others happy and makes you a better person.


And finally, where to go to meet you and hear you?

You can find me on Spotify, iTunes, Vevo, YouTube and to see what I’m doing next you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Shannon K Singer.

If you want to know more about Singer Shannon K, don’t hesitate to visit her profile page!

Preparing for an art exhibition is undoubtedly not the most natural thing to do, especially when you’re new at it. If it’s your first time showing your art to a broader audience and you just want everything to be perfect, do not panic. Because we understand how challenging preparing an art exhibition that could be a turnaround point for your career could be, we are here to assist you with the main aspects that will help you prepare for your art show better.

The points will be listed chronologically from the things you will need to get ready first to the things you could worry about a little later, but note that they are not of least importance. Let’s get to it right away!


Prepare your first Art Exhibition:

“be open-minded and not sales minded only”

Chose an Attracting Title for your Art Exhibition

If you wonder why this is so important let me explain. The name your exhibition carries is the first impression potential buyers will get about your work before even taking a close look at any piece. Choosing an intriguing and/or attractive name will draw people’s attention to your work and also to your personality as an artist, and that attention is what you need for your first exhibition right? So, chose carefully.


art exhibition, art show


Expose Only your Best Paintings

This point also is coherent with the first impression you need to make. You may not be the only one exposing so, your work needs to stand out. And about standing out, you need to dare. Dare present your most “unconventional” paintings. Those ones that stand out and that will make you stand out. Remember your unicity is what makes your art different so don’t be afraid to let that out.


Get Your Paintings Ready Ahead of Time

Imagine this scenario: At an exposition, a potential client notices a flaw in an artist’s painting and points it to his attention. Then, he has to start apologizing for a thousand and one things, but it just doesn’t seem to get the client’s trust back. That’s definitely not a beautiful image, right? So, to make sure the artist described above is not you, go through every single detail of your painting before and after the transport and the framing. You wouldn’t want to give your potential clients a lousy impression. Would you?


Select A Uniform Theme

Your paintings need to be consistent with a single theme and be uniform. Why is it important? So that, it will leave some kind of Signature in the mind of the people and make them able to recognize your work in the gallery from a distance. Maybe some people would like to get a series of paintings that tell the same story and depict the same emotions who knows?


art exhibition, art show


Make Sure Each Painting is Set for Transportation

Transportation is a very delicate stage during which your carefully designed work could be utterly ruined. Once again, you don’t want that do you? So, you need to make sure every single piece is very well prepared for a “Safe Journey.” The primary objective of this is so that you don’t get caught off guard and have your whole exposition ruined.


Visit the Art Gallery Before Hand and Make the Necessary Adjustments

If you get the opportunity to visit the gallery beforehand and maybe chose where your art is to be exposed, chose not the most desired spot by all, but the place that best suits you. Don’t Isolate your work either. In case the gallery is the one to choose the spot for you, make sure the lighting is at it’s best. Lighting is an essential factor that will significantly influence positively or negatively. A good light will bring out all the details of your art and like we said earlier those details constitute that unicity that in turn makes your art.


art exhibition, art show


Start a Social Media Campaign

Raising awareness on social media could help draw a lot more people to the exhibition. And that, in turn, will help your art reach a broader audience. The aim of this is to get your name out there, and maybe you will eventually sell more of your art pieces. This could really be useful knowing that things now happen on social media so, getting your name out there is probably not a bad idea.


Don’t Forget the Paper Work

The gallery will require that you send over to them your artist CV, Certificate of authenticity and artist statement so even though you may get caught up in the preparations, do not forget those.

art exhibition, art show


Look Good on the D Day and Remember to Socialize

As an artist, on that day you will need to look as flawless as your art. Your appearance matters a great deal, and people may associate it with your art, so make sure to get your “A game” ready. And about the socializing aspect, potential clients don’t mind knowing more about the artist and the story behind the art. So be fun and free to open up to them (about the art only of course). Maybe this could help increase the sales, who knows?


And finally, to help you, we can promote your Art Exhibition on our event calendar. You just have to submit your event here.

The tips above if applied could help you prepare your art exhibition successfully and maybe sell a few of your art pieces. But, as last advice, I would like to say “be open-minded and not sales minded only” (though sales are important). Because a lot of other great things and even opportunities could come your way apart from sales. Hope these tips will make your art exhibition as great as your art. Good luck!


Jamie HaidenJamie Haiden is a life-long learner passionate about sharing my love of visual arts with others.  Talented Fashion Designer, she decided in 2011 to create her own brand “Archipelago”, a brand “that values hand made artistry with attention down to the last stitch!” as she said.

Jamie Haiden is featured in Fixate exhibition organized by RAW:Toronto. On this occasion, I have the pleasure to interview her.


Archipelago, the brand created by Jamie Haiden,

that values hand made artistry with attention down to the last stitch!

Jamie Haiden, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your universe?

To begin with, I am a high school art, English and French teacher living and working in Toronto. I’m very passionate about art and social justice and this permeates my classroom. Art plays an influential role in our lives and I love discussing world issues with my students and then giving them an artistic platform to express the kind of change they want to see.

I have also taught fashion design in my classes before. Fashion is art on every level and what I find perhaps the most amazing thing about it is that it speaks to people who may have no interest in art otherwise. Fashion is also a business though and one of the reasons it is so important to combine fashion and social justice in the classroom is because of the incredible weight it carries as an industry. As a fashion designer and a role model to students, I believe I have a responsibility to educate the next generation about the impact of the fashion industry and empower them to make change for the good of everyone.

Archipelago by Jamie HaidenWere you always interested in fashion growing up? How did you come to fashion design?

I have always been interested in art: painting, drawing, sculpting and crafting just about anything. As a child I did foray into sewing, sometimes frankensteining old garments into what I thought was more interesting, but truthfully, I did not realize that fashion would become my main medium until I was 17 and in university getting my English degree for a career in teaching.

I requested a sewing machine for my 18th birthday and once I had it, my very talented grandmother taught me to read my first ever pattern and sew my first ever skirt!

I believe my first loves of painting and drawing are still quite apparent in my work though. The body is like a canvas to me and I see my use of appliqué as having a painterly quality. I am interested in the elements and principles of design as one would be in a painting much more than I am interested in anything simply because it is trending for a season.

Do you have or have had a mentor or other special person to guide you?

I am blessed to have many mentors in my life that guide me in a lot of different ways, not particularly when it comes to fashion, however. Several of my friends are also designers and we are learning and figuring things out together.


Jamie Haiden, when did you create your own band “Archipelago”?

By 2011, I decided that I would focus on swimwear even though I love to sew all kinds of garments. I fell in love with the name Archipelago when I began looking for something that would express oceans, islands and beaches. The name is profound in that it defines a sense of belonging alongside individualism; an archipelago being a chain of islands that are still recognized collectively. The beauty of fashion is much the same. Every look, every season, every color has the power to bring out a different identity within us. Yet no single look is definitive of a person. Just like an archipelago, fashion is greater than the sum of its parts.

The costumes you design are very creative and colorful. Where do you find your inspiration?

While I do love working with color – very very bright colors! – not all my work is colorful. I am very interested in sculpture. I love working with texture and playing with shape and form. I do paint and sculpt in my limited spare time and one of the reasons I enjoy working with solid colors or monochromatic schemes is how this enhances shape over the distractions that prints create. I have both studied and taught life drawing and I believe that this has influenced the way I see the human form. For me, creating clothing is very much like creating a low-relief sculpture. What I love about swimwear is precisely how it is meant to complement our natural forms. Looking at how color, shape, and cut combine to create new art works keeps me continuously inspired.


Jamie Haiden, what are your projects?

After RAW, I will be participating in a charity boat cruise fashion show for Operation Smile. After that, I am looking forward to showcasing my work at Startup Fashion Week in October.

I have numerous smaller projects and of course, lots of inspirations I’m dying to start experimenting with!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Keep it simple, Stupid. Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time.”


You have been selected to participate in the upcoming RAW Toronto FIXATE showcase. What do you plan to showcase?

I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m working on combining some of my older lines with new color schemes and expanding my looks to include more wraps and cover-ups.


17aug(aug 17)8:00 pm18(aug 18)2:00 amFeaturedRAW:Toronto PRESENTS FIXATEA 2-day event featuring Visual Art, Photography, Fashion, Music, Performance Artists, Accessories, Hair and Make-Up Artists!

Michael Anthony Ingram is not only a Digital artist living in Washington DC, he’s a retired university professor, social change activist, Founder and Executive Director of an award-nominated nonprofit organization in Washington DC, a blog talk show producer and host, a life coach, motivational speaker, educational consultant and noted spoken word poet.

From New-York City, where he’ll soon showcase his artworks, Michael Anthony Ingram accepted to reply several questions about his artistic universe and his projects.

Digital Artist Michael Anthony Ingram Interview:

I want to be known as someone who tried to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Welcome to Michael Anthony Ingram, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in digital art?

I am a retired university professor and a poet of some renown. Originally hailed from the great state of North Carolina, I currently live in Washington DC. I have always had an interest in the visual arts, but never thought about pursuing it as an avocation.

When I founded the nonprofit organization, The DC Poetry Project (DCPP) in 2011, I was constantly designing flyers for our events. These flyers were often beyond the call of duty regarding presentation. I added extra colors and depth to the flyers to help stand out from the norm. I wanted the flyers to “live out loud” like the poets who performed their works at our events. So I crafted many of the flyers from artistic designs and images that I found online (in the public domain). I used digital art software to manipulate the images to create DCPP flyers. Over the years I made hundreds of flyers.

In late 2016, I started to dabble with photo-manipulations for other projects. These photo-manipulations were both of representational pictures and non-representational objects. Although I am a self-trained artist, I attempt to thread my intuition with the study of the aesthetic qualities of emotionalism, imitationalism, and formalism throughout my work. I recently completed an ADOBE Photoshop course to learn new techniques.


Do you have or have had a mentor or other special person to guide you?

Initially, I was spurred on and encouraged by Facebook friends and family including Tonia Cowans, Chris Dooley, Drew Jones, Gene Newburg and  Iwan Taylor. These individuals, as well as many others, championed my efforts. Every day I would create a new design and post it on Facebook. I’m sure that my friends tired of seeing the many different images and designs that I posted. I received critical feedback and advice on ways to make each image better. I greatly appreciate all who helped me develop my skill level.


Your artworks seem beyond reality, is your art style inspired by any real-life situations?

Real life episodes often inspire my work. For example, a trip to the Smithsonian National Zoo inspired the Peacock Series (1 – 12). The peacocks strutted in a proud and regal fashion. I studied the peacocks and worked to craft the representational series based on the colors of the tail fans. I also took some liberties to imagine peacocks from an abstract expressionistic perspective.

What would you say to people who wonder if digital art is really art?

Many question the legitimacy of digital art. Some scoff at the nature of the design. Even I on occasion ask myself whether my work fits in with traditional art forms. Digital art is viewed a new media because the medium is computer based. There are times that I feel that I have not paid my dues. I do not use real canvases, paints or oils. My canvas is virtual, and software programs serve as the paint and brush. Still, I focus on the outcome rather than the process because no one can contest the beauty and richness of the end-product.

Thus my overarching goal is to escape beyond the bounds of traditional forms of painting and to free myself from the rules of conservatism. I would say to people who wonder if digital art is really art that it’s the computer generation and art is ever changing.


Your manipulations stand out in incredible quality and technique. What are the most important factors in creating a digital art work?

A number of important factors need consideration during the digital art process. These factors include color, layering, tone and hue/saturation. I think that the most important factor is composition. The structure of the image includes framing and negative space, rhythm, and contrast. The elements are critical because without them there is neither rhyme or reason for the final product. The focus is off, and the image loses its relevance. Digital art should tell a story without composition the story never begins.


Michael Anthony Ingram, what role do you want to have in society as an Artist?

As an artist, whether it’s through my digital paintings or poetry I want to be known as someone who tried to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I want people to understand why self-expression is so important for growth and development. Self-expression is also critical to bounce back from adversity. The following verse from my poem “Today I Think I’ll Echo…” attest to my beliefs about the power of resilience:

“Today, I think I’ll echo the color of the grass,

Because like the grass,

because like the grass my color and life are rich.

So rich the weeds can’t touch me.

you might step on me, cut me, cause me to fall,

just give me a minute

and I’ll get up and stand just as tall!”

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a Jazz Series that will pay homage to the incredible work of photographer William Gottlieb. Gottlieb photographed some of the world’s most famous jazz artists including Sarah Vaughan, Thelonious Monk, and Billie Holiday I want to reimagine his work through a semi-abstract set of digital paintings and image manipulations.


Is artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

Yes, artistic life can be very lonely. I think the quote by Brad Greek best explains an artist’s life: “I create better when I’m alone. Not just alone – as no one around – but lonely… My soul is in my art and only there will you see it.” I try to counteract the loneliness by sharing my work with other artists, as well as other important people in my life.


Could you tell us a few words about your exhibitions in NYC and New Jersey?

I am excited about these upcoming exhibits. The first show will be held in New York City on September 14, 2017. Conception Art will sponsor the pop-up event. Conception Art is an award-winning and globally known contemporary art initiative. The primary focus of the pop-up is to assist emerging artists to connect with other artists and to find patrons for their work.


The second exhibit will be held in Metuchen, New Jersey from September 23, 2017 – December 31, 2017, at Nails in the Wall, the Gallery at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The theme of the exhibition is God in the Abstract. Three of my lesser known works will be shown during the show. There were over 300 applicants for the competition. The exhibition will feature thirty artists. I am particularly proud of this display because it allowed me an opportunity to express my love for God in color, shape space rather than a discernable picture.


Thanks again, Michael Anthony Ingram, for the opportunity to interview you for Creativinn! Are there any final thoughts or words of advice you have for our readers?

Creativinn is a fantastic site! It provides artists with an incredible forum to share their work. I commend everyone who works at Creativinn. I also hope that the interview will spur others to create new dreams, climb different mountains and above all else BE happy.


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