Joseph de la Hoyde, “A body of Desire’s Exhibition”
10:29 January 17, 2020 to 10:29 January 19, 2020
Sydney Art School, 63 Hunter Street, Hornsby, Australia

Joseph de la Hoyde, “A body of Desire’s Exhibition”

Sydney Art School invites you to the debut solo exhibition of Hornsby Art Prize Finalist Joseph de la Hoyde, “A body of Desire’s Exhibition” featuring a collection of his best photographs, writing and curiosities. Joseph’s work is melancholic and ethereal, examining themes relating to dreams, the imagination, and the juxtaposition of beauty and death.

A Body of Desire is an art project that explores the dilemmas of the modern psyche. The new generation is a generation that is more spiritually, emotionally and politically aware than ever before. It’s an experimental art project that explores the imagination as a vehicle for enlightenment.


About Joseph de la Hoyde

Joseph de la Hoyde is a multimedia artist whose visceral and ethereal work explores the juxtaposition of beauty and death – the tearing point between dreams and hopelessness, imagination and destruction. His first solo exhibition comes after being selected as a finalist in the Hornsby Art Prize in which his work ‘Melancholy’ was showcased. The exhibition features a collection of his photography, writing and curiosities at the Sydney Art School, Hornsby.


  • Hornsby Art Prize Finalist’s Exhibition October 2019
  • CCP Ilford Saloon, November 2019
  • A Body of Desire Exhibition (January 2020)


  • Unvael Journal, Issue 4, Ed. Michael Ash Smith 2018


If you want more information about the project of this promising artist, I invite you to read his exclusive interview.
And you can have a look as well at Joseph de la Hoyde Website.


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