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How to efficiently use a URL Shortener to promote your ArtworkinArtist Promotion
Oct 13th 18

Have you ever used a URL shortener before? Chances are, you probably have and you were probably not aware of it. When? You might wonder. Probably when sharing a link on twitter. The use of it is very common on twitter because it imposes a maximum number of characters. For those that are familiar with URL shorteners they can name one such as

URL Shortener
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improve your visibility online
How to improve an Artist presence onlineinArtist Presence online
Mar 23rd 18

Before we get to the core of the subject, it is essential to say that there is no clear-cut step that will suddenly increase your online visibility. It takes persistence and time to build a reputation, a solid one at that. That being said, let’s get to the things that will significantly help you increase your visibility online. Focus on Producing

Art agent, artist agent
Is it time for an Art Agent or representative?inArtist Promotion
Mar 9th 18

Getting an artist agent or not getting one is usually a huge dilemma for young artists who dream to live from their art. An art agent could considerably contribute to the realization of that dream as much as it could make it difficult to achieve. We can actually say an artist agent could be either bitter or sweet to your business but, it all

10 tips for entering a Photo Contest 1
10 tips for entering a Photo ContestinArtist Promotion
Jan 22nd 18

An excellent way to promote your art and to increase your visibility online is to win or even place in a highly regarded photo contest. Many professional photographers today have competitions to thank for getting them started on the road to a successful career. Entering and winning photo contest can be considered a highly fruitful business if you

Photo contest
artist statement
How to write an Artist StatementinArtist Promotion
Jan 19th 18

If you’re an artist and have been asked by an art gallery or a museum to submit your artist statement and you just don’t know where, what or even how to start, do not panic. We, at Creativinn, will explain detailly what is meant by an artist statement first of all, why it is necessary and then how to go about writing it.   What is an artist

Artist curriculum vitae
How to write an impressive Artist CVinArtist Promotion
Jan 19th 18

Why an impressive Artist CV is so crucial. In the business or simply corporate world today, having a flawless CV can considerably influence the first impression of the employer/reader either positively or negatively. It’s actually obvious, and that’s why people take their time to get their CV “right”. And as you may already know, a good CV

assess your presence online
How to assess an Artist presence onlineinArtist Presence online
Jan 1st 18

The question of online visibility is of great importance these days, as people spend most of their time on the internet. As a matter of fact, the web is the first place they will go to in search of any information or service. The web has become a place where it is possible to grow a client base and your business from nothing to gigantic. However,