Reinventing Myself after 50: A Digital Art Experience

Reinventing Myself after 50: A Digital Art Experience

Michael Anthony Ingram Art exhibition starts August 19th. Save the date and experience aesthetic vista of digital abstract painting and image manipulation with Michael Anthony Ingram!

“The World is but a canvas for our imaginations” (David H. Thoreau)

This is perhaps the most endearing quote that Michael Anthony Ingram has lived and painted his artworks by. The digital canvas has surely proven to be no limitation to the abilities of an artist who has brushed the palettes of our artistic imaginations with embarrassing elegance. Henry David Thoreau is obviously not the only source of inspiration for Michael Anthony Ingram. Right on the edge of his pioneering art exhibition, there are a few interesting things to know and expect of his masterpiece artistic skills.


Michael Anthony, Digital Michael Angelo, Poet or Artist?

Michael Anthony Ingram is a retired university professor and emerging digital abstract painting maestro as well as an excellent image manipulator. Although his first exhibition is soon to come, Michael Anthony Ingram’s distinct abilities in the concocting poetry and art is one that particularly makes his images so interesting with a striking amount of detail and message to pass on.

Michael Anthony Ingram, who likes to quote Da Vinci’s classic where he describes ‘poetry as a form of painting that is felt and painting as a form of poetry that is seen’ has an elegant first online art exhibition coming up that features 36 of his art works grouped into two distinct galleries that have a unified aim and theme of celebrating digital painting and image manipulation –  two visually appealing, mind blowing and innovative forms of art expression.


The Portrait of the Digital Artist as an Older Man

The first gallery which is dubbed ‘The Portrait of the Digital Artist as an Older Man’ sees Michael Anthony Ingram focus on his creations of new abstracts, aesthetic visuals that strike imagination, contemplation and deep thinking of the ideas represented by the images. The digital paintings and image manipulations herein are one way of Ingram initiating himself into a new field and line of practice.

There are several notable works in the Daedalus project Gallery notably the Tattered flag. Tattered flag is inspired by Carl Sandburg’s poem and strikes a truly current perception on the current policies and situation in the United States with President Donald Trump’s unpopular ethics and decisions. This Little Light of Mine inspired by Ralph Ellison’s book, “Invisible Man”, describes the need for another thing, person or substance to travel our fears and validate our existence and confirm our reality. Let go! Be bold! Unfold preaches, bravery and independence in steadfastness while weathering the storm. It is also another way of Michael Anthony Ingram saying that he has clocked fifty but wants to continue going, embracing the unknown to come and be bold.

The title of the gallery ‘The Portrait of the Digital Artist as an Older Man’ is a playful pastiche on the title of James Joyce’s book, ‘The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.’ In the book, the main character’s name is Stephen Dedulas, which ironically is a pastiche on the Greek myth of Daedalus who was an extremely skilled artisan and craftsman. Daedalus is mostly popular for his tales with his son Icarus where he had built wings for them both to escape a tower. Icarus was warned before takeoff not to fly too close to the sun, but he did and thus fell to his demise. Daedalus is very much associated with innovation and creativity as the case of the labyrinth he designed to keep King Minos’ son – the Minotaur away and make his slaying a valiant task for any who enters to kill him.  The work herein is truly innovative and a masterpiece, one that Daedalus himself would have been proud.

The Beauty and Design of Digital Art

The second gallery which is called ‘The beauty and Design of Digital Art’ is more of an appraisal for the art concept and how it can produce aesthetic beauty in a desirable product. There are several abstract designs that are beautiful to see over and over again. There is also a picture ‘In Her Strength …There Is Beauty’ which shows off the exciting ability to use digital art to create images that are almost pixel perfect with amazing attention to detail and color.


The exhibition starts August 19th – Save the date and experience aesthetic vista of digital abstract painting and image manipulation with Michael Anthony Ingram!

As they say, 50 is the youth of old age and Michael Anthony Ingram is stepping into it with style, whether poet or painter, Da Vinci would approve of the beautiful paintings in the galleries that Ingram has conjured. The upcoming art exhibition titled Reinventing Myself After 50: A Digital Art Experience’ might just be Ingram’s first real show to the world that he just might be the digital art Michael Angelo of our time!

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Reinventing Myself after 50: A Digital Art Experience

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