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CreativInn Magazine is an art and culture magazine. Founded in 2014, CreativInn Magazine covers all kind of arts including photography, visual art, music, film, and theatre. The magazine includes features on art, film, music and performance, highlighting notable new exhibitions around the world and showcasing photography.

The magazine’s primary focus is on discovering new creative talents and giving them a chance to talk about their artistic universe.


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Latest Articles

Interview with Actress & Director Meredith Hama-Brown

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Meredith Hama-Brown is a multi-talented actor and writer/director from Vancouver, British Columbia. Her latest work as an actress in "Cinephiliac" saw her nominated for two awards and the film itself toured the world film festival circuit. I have the great pleasure to interview Meredith Hama-Brown on the occasion of the release of her my most recent narrative film, “Broken Bunny”, which will be premiering at Palm Springs Shortfest in June 2018. Meredith Hama-Brown, please tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic universe?...

Interview with Visual Artist Jisoo Marcy Klatt

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Visual Artist Jisoo Marcy Klatt is a native South Korean artist passionate about music and painting who now lives in San Francisco (USA). She studied painting and ceramics at the University of New Mexico, receiving a BFA in 2012.  Jisoo 'Marcy' Klatt works on contemporary abstract mixed media series of paintings; watercolor, ink, coffee on paper. I have the great pleasure to interview Jisoo Marcy Klatt on the occasion of her exhibition from 15th March 2018 to 30th June 2018 at...

9 Famous fashion designers from Africa to inspire you

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I’m pretty sure you know at least one renowned Artist from Africa, if not I invite you to read our post "9 Famous Artists from Africa". But, do you know that African continent is the home of famous fashion designers you should know as well?   9 famous fashion designers from Africa to inspire you. Looking around us, we could see that Africa has undoubtedly been causing some significant changes in the worlds of technology, finances and eventually our focus...

Interview with Mr. Clever Art, An Amazing Pop Art Painter

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Known as Mr. Clever Art in the art world, Andrew Rosenblatt is strongly emerging in the Contemporary Pop Art scene. Born in New York and currently living in Los Angeles, California, he is most known for his unique way of fusing bright colors with luxury merchandise such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Mr. Clever uses a random artistic and eclectic creativity of Pop Art fused with Juxtaposition, abstract lines, and dots to make up most of his Contemporary art. His...

Interview with Talented Pop Singer Shannon K

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I was recently fortunate to have a conversation with Shannon K, a talented singer-songwriter whose latest album "Perpetual" was recently released. We chatted about her sound, her musical inspirations, and the art of songwriting. June 16th, 2001 marked the beginning of great things in India as Shannon K was born. Her father is renowned Veteran Bollywood playback vocalist, Kumar Sanu. Shannon K was brought up in the UK and now resides in Los Angeles, US. Shannon K recorded, directed by British...

9 Tips to help you prepare your first Art Exhibition

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Preparing for an art exhibition is undoubtedly not the most natural thing to do, especially when you’re new at it. If it’s your first time showing your art to a broader audience and you just want everything to be perfect, do not panic. Because we understand how challenging preparing an art exhibition that could be a turnaround point for your career could be, we are here to assist you with the main aspects that will help you prepare for your...

Artists of the month

 Zion Antoni

  • Musician
  • United States

Zion Antoni Biography Zion Antoni is a Freelance Journalist and Grassroots independent Recording artist/Record producer from the Bronx NY. He is the Founder/Chair of The Urban Cry LLC, a limited liability company with two main branches: Freelance Journalism, and an independent record company. The Urban Cry has administered to hundreds in American inner cities and has also extended reaches in overseas in international diplomacy. The Urban cry in its independent ascent labored extensively in the grassroots, and streets through freelance...

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Shereen Yap

  • Painter
  • Australia

Shereen Yap is an artist and writer from Sydney who presents stories and journeys through paintings and words. Her original works can be seen through digital illustrations/modifications, acrylic paintings however recently her focus is on oil paintings. CHARLIE is her debut collection of poetry where the stories within it are not titled with the intent for others to relate on their own and undertake their self-discovery journey without the imposition of the author. Poem - Shereen Yap You can find...

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