Nocturne Skeletona by Stuart Styron: A Trip to the Other Side

Nocturne Skeletona Frontcover By Stuart Styron

A Trip to the Other Side

Stuart Styron is, undoubtedly, an eclectic artist, and he’s proven it again with his latest album, “Nocturne Skelotona,” released on September 1st, 2020, by record label “A Leaving Reality Production®“. 

Though it was only released a few months ago, the journey that led to the creation of the album started a while back, conceived in the mind of its author over a decade ago.  Stuart Styron explains that it was actually composed 13 years ago, but was only “mastered this year, in 2020.”

We’ve already written an article on Stuart Styron, which you can read here. He’s an actor and musician from Germany. Stuart started his acting career in 1997, later attending a drama school in Hamburg before becoming a certified actor.

Even though Stuart Styron has several tricks up his sleeve, music has always been an important element of his artistic expression. That is why, over the years, he has produced more than 20 full demo albums. In recent years and with the help of music producers, he has decided to reproduce material from his archives.

That process led to the release of his first EP, “We Need More Miracles” in 2013, his album “Visaplanet” in 2015,” and, here in 2020, a new seven-track album, “Nocturne Skeletona.

An overview of “Nocturne Skeletona” by Stuart Styron himself

The album is all about darkness and fear. Asked to pick an introduction, Stuart Styron choses the track “Feel the Fear from the Start.” As its name clearly suggests, it’s all about imposing fear from the very first second. The long organ-like notes transport you into a universe of dread and anxiety,  like a trip through a horror movie. With this track, Stuart both captures your mind and allows it to wander, exploring alternative possibilities.

What a better explanation that the one provided by the Artist? He accepted, exclusively, for CreativInn, to comment the other  tracks of his album!

In the same spirit as the intro, Stuart proposes “I’ll Be in Your Dreams (111Promise)”

Stuart: This song is more than fatal. Also officially classified as explicit. This song is a remake of the intro. This time framed with a dark massive voice. If you listen carefully you can see a mocking laugh from an undefined place. I`ll be in your Dreams is partly played backwards, maybe with a bit of a diabolical touch. I will be in your dreams .. – plus the code “111Promise”. My number initials coupled with a promise. So don’t do anything to me, don’t harm me, otherwise I’ll appear in your dreams sooner or later. That’s a promise.

Subsequently, you have the track “Bring out Your Evil to Life,” which happens to be the longest song on the album.

Stuart: After the 17 minutes and 44 seconds of listening, you might notice that the evil inside has transformed to be outside. That is the reason why the song was composed breathtakingly in length. A masterpiece and a heaven for all 1960s / 1970s horror film fans. Especially the scene in the minute of 1:07 min. – 1:16 min. is just delicious.

“Bring out Your Evil to Life” is then followed by “Vampower Planet”

Stuart: “Vampower Planet” shows exactly where you are on the album. Exactly, among vampires HAHA. Our planet also needs to be evil sometimes, doesn’t it? Each his own. Our planet also has its own consciousness, did you know that? At Carnival or Helloween we give our planet the chance to be unfriendly. So the title is meant. Vampower – The power of the vampires – Simply powerful, delicious, this soundtrack.

How do you describe “The Other Side is Dancing with Stuart Styron”?

Stuart: The other side, which other side? The cover of the album shows a skeleton dancing with someone. That someone is actually me, Stuart Styron. However, my head is not visible on the cover. Why not? Because the evil side will never and can never dance with me, because I am stronger and more powerful than all evil in this world. I am unbeatable. In addition, I am forever connected to the Son of God Jesus Christ. I love Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ loves me.

And what about “Mamba Nocturne”?

Stuart: “Mamba Nocturne” is about the most poisonous snake in the world, which at night, if you are not careful and you are physically at the end of the world, can take your life within seconds. Violin and snakes .. the key goes together best, according to my music experiment. It couldn’t be more diabolical, right? So stay at home people, the corona pandemi also has many positive aspects. Where is your humor, guys ?!

The outro “Encyclopedia-Fear-SStyron (111Invincible)” which concludes this journey through fright is even more mysterious.

Stuart: It’s about the fact that one should rather be afraid of me, that also applies to all lexicons in the world. Here again my initials as code” 111Invincible “Should your Creativinn page be hacked one day or being bullied, then rest assured that they are anonymous encyclopedists. Then contact me in good time HAHA. I am a specialist in this regard, so see an exorcist, who brings the evil of people to light and eliminates it. So be jealous Guys, stay away from this art site!

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