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9 Tips to help you prepare your first Art Exhibition

Preparing for an art exhibition is undoubtedly not the most natural thing to do, especially when you’re new at it. If it’s your first time showing your art to a broader audience and you just want everything to be perfect, do not panic. Because we understand how challenging preparing an art exhibition that could be a turnaround point for your career could be, we are here to assist you with the main aspects that will help you prepare for your art show better. The points will be listed chronologically from the things you will need to get ready first to

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Montreal Art Exhibited

An Interview with Canadian Artist Myles Johnston

Myles Johnston is a Canadian Artist living in Montreal and owner of the the gallery “Montreal Art Exhibited”. He will be showcasing Artworks of the nine Candadian artists he represents at Verse, the art exhibition we already talked about which will take place on April 19th. We’re so happy that Myles Johnston accepted our interview about his artistic universe and his art gallery. Myle Johnston Interview: “Follow your dreams no matter what, pushing any fears aside. “ Myles Johnston, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your universe? I’m an artist from Montreal that loves all forms

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Mat Vezio in concert

An Interview with musician Mat Vezio

Canadian Musician Mat Vezio will be playing a solo at VERSE, an artistic event organized by RAW:Montreal on 19th April. Mat Vezio has accepted to be interviewed and to talk about his first album “Avant la mort des fleurs cueillies”   Mat Vezio Interview: “Never hang your skates” Mat Vezio, please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to music. I started setting to music some poems I would find in my literature books in secondary school, and then began writing my own poems to transform into songs. After a two year stay in Paris (where I was

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Interview with Digital Artist Alain Francoeur 4

An Interview with Digital Artist Alain Francoeur

Alain Francoeur is a multidisciplinary and anti-conformist artist who returns to the art scene after many years away from it. He will be showcasing his work at the VERSE showcase put on by RAW at Rialto Montreal on April 19th. During this evening full of live performances of art, runway shows, live hair and make-up, accessory design and visual art displays,  35+ talented artists will be involved. Alain Francoeur kindly accepted to answer my questions. Artist Alain Francoeur Interview:  “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” Alain Francoeur, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your

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Dive into the divine El Greco Exhibition in the New Church in Amsterdam

Dive into the divine El Greco Exhibition in the New Church in Amsterdam

Come meet Doménikos Theotekópoulos and his great altarpiece Pentecostés! Who? Well, you know, that Greek guy who became known working in Toledo, Spain, as El Greco. OK, now you’re talking and making sense. No, really, without any silliness: dive into the sacrosanct atmosphere of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) at the Dam in Amsterdam and experience the Pentecostés by El Greco! It’s a rarity for work by El Greco to be shown to the general public, and what better venue to see this work: a church to see an altar piece! A number of wooden benches are put in front

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Banksy and Salvador Dali meetup in Amsterdam for a unique Exhibition 2

Banksy and Salvador Dali meetup in Amsterdam for a unique Exhibition

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam is really the new kid on the block. Literally. They opened their doors in April 2016 with in their back the molochs Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum (contemporary art), and on their front lawn the Rijksmuseum (Rembrandt and other artists from the Dutch Golden Age mainly). And to make an impression next to those names, of course, Moco had to come up with some grand names for their exhibitions. Located in a lovely old style little mansion with three floors, its own fragrance (which is offered for sale too!), and many room-size spaces to

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