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The Art Museum of the University of Memphis (AMUM) will present an exhibition about the Memphis art scene surrounding the artist, writer, and South Main preservation and arts champion Robert McGowan (1947-2012). In 1987, McGowan co-founded the arts journal Number:Inc. with fellow artists Don Estes and Cory Dugan. In 1988, he opened the Memphis Center for Contemporary Art which showed over 100 artists until it closed in 1991. The exhibition...

Mathias Will is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany working mainly in the fields of film, performance and graphics. He’s interested in mixing and melting these media. Cities and street live are inspirations of his work: Interventions and disruptions of daily routine with performances by “The white man”; a difficult character.  Films with new perspectives and a non-narrative approach. Graphics that comment the ugliness and the gracefulness beauty of things...