Chazzy Patel 2

Chazzy Patel

A pirate, circus runaway, and soon to start the world’s most badass backpacker motorcycle gang, Chazzy Patel has worn many hats—none of which indicated the natural discipline of a writer.

Born in Crawley, England, Photographer and Writer Chazzy Patel found conventional childhood to be both boring and constricting and opted instead for the carefree novelty of a teenage runaway under the Big Top. Having spent the better part of his teenage years working with circus animals and nurturing his independence, Chazzy Patel changed gears and slipped into a more disciplined roll within the United States Army where he worked in the medical field.

Upon the completion of his service, Photographer Chazzy Patel shifted back into the creative mindset he developed while traveling and exploring as a young man and became a professional photographer. His extensive international travel served as a canvas on which he documented the world through his lens. His work telling stories through film would be both the inspiration for and foundation on from which he would segway into creative writing, as a means of expanding his storytelling abilities through the art of the written word.
Having traveled all seven continents using just his wits and the fate of a coin, Chazzy’s whimsy and thirst for adventure has granted him the depth and experience of a world-trained storyteller.

When he isn’t plotting his next attempt to start the world’s largest backpacker motorcycle gang, he’s competing in Beard Contests in Denver, CO or living out his dream of being a pirate in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Chazzy Patel’s first novel “High Season: The Learnings of Mohammed Wang” is a tribute to his love of island life and the thrill of adventure that has called to him his entire life.

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