Jae Billingham interview

Jae Billingham

Jae Billingham is a forensic artist with a background in psychology, Body language, and Micro Expressions.

She resides in the United Kingdom.

“I have been an artist for pretty much most of my life I can always remember art being my favorite subject in school. I always knew my career would be arts or at least something creative.
My art style was mostly pencil portraits which is what helped me purse a career as a forensic artist, I have been in this field now for around 6 years. I decided I needed to balance out my art, meaning I had been drawing dead people for a long time and I needed to bring in a lighter side to my art.

I created Pencil ArtWorld, my work consisted mainly of celebrity portraits in graphite, charcoal and colored pencils, being technically trained in forensic art faces was what I knew how to draw.

Just recently I started creating digital illustrations which bring me to a brand new project I am creating at the moment. The project is a Tarot Card deck, which consists of 78 digitally illustrated images, all hand drawn. I have a creative assistant who helps me pull out the creativity of the cards and a Tarot Card expert who is authoring the cards to make them into a fully working deck. The cards go to print sometime in October 2017.”

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