Transeuntis Mundi

Transeuntis Mundi

Transeuntis Mundi is a journey about how mobility through space and time has created geographies and the actual transcultural and transnational humanity. It evokes the power of ancestry, identity and legacy by presenting a conceptual piece of new technology art, powered by 3D audio and virtual reality, projections, sound sculptures and performative actions.

The Transeuntis Mundi Project proposes to capture the sound and visual memory of peoples, cultural expressions and places to artistically tell the story of the millennial passersby that have been crossing the world. It currently portrays the diversity of 4 countries from 4 continents and generates a poetical/documental archive of human cultural heritage.

The expression Transeuntis Mundi comes from Latin, the lingua franca of the expansion of Western Culture. It personifies the human being who has been taking the adventure to discover and explore the world.


Its methodology employs Walkscapes recordings with immersive 360° technology. From this archive, it starts a process of transmedial composition: the creation of virtual reality works, videos, photographs, sound art, musical compositions and performance, with the aim to immerse the observer/participant into an experience beyond their space and time. In short, it is a combination of knowledge, innovation and poetics, supported by the processes of artistic research and mediated by transmedial technology.