An Interview with Abstract Photographer Anachristy McCallister

An interview with Abstract Photographer Anachristy McCallister

Abstract Photographer Anachristy McCallister, now living in Frisco (Texas), is a creative of many trades. Anachristy creates abstract art by documenting the energy expressions of a French press cup of coffee.
I had the privilege to chat with Anachristy last month in her studio where she explained me the sense of her favorite artworks from her famous series “The Native Vibes Series” and “The Ancient Guardian Series”

Were you always interested in art growing up? What motivated you to become an artist and what has been the most touching moment you’ve experienced as a photographer?

I oozed inspiration my whole life. I became the archivist of my family and my children. Currently I have 13,178 photographs in my phone and thousands more printed in my closet. Photographs are my instant connection to the people and experiences I value the most.

My art expresses the depth and complexity of myself. The exploration and experiments of the effects of light, sound, coffee origins allow an inner-intelligence to come forth that I didn’t even know existed.

Anachristy McCallister, welcome to CreativInn! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic universe.

I have always been a sensitive, creative and intuitive person, especially when it comes to energy. I would navigate my behaviors and responses based on the tempo of my surroundings.

A friend of mine once said that I talk in color. I loved this statement because it made sense to me; however, I reside in a world that demands cliff notes and where adjectives have been kicked to the curb.

In 2016, I experienced a job loss that left me exhausted and sad. One of the most tragic realizations I had was that I found myself up to my neck in a quicksand pool of indifference.

I set out on a journey of self-discovery. The healthier I became the more the artist in me emerged.

Tell us about your unique artistic process and the way you brainstorm ideas? What do you usually start with when creating?

The light and sound experiments I had been doing with pictures for a few years. It began when I went on “Ghosties with Besties” trip with my daughter, her best friend and my best friend to Jefferson, Texas. (A well-known town for paranormal experiences) Supposedly Steven Spielberg left in the middle of the night because of an experience in his hotel.

My family expected me to flee. Quite the opposite happened, I was intrigued. While on the ghost tour, others shared how we should aim our cameras at dark spaces, alleys and just snapped countless images. The hardest part was letting them marinate over night so that we could adjust, examine and share over breakfast. I literally captured profiles in windows and unexplainable images. I was hooked. I rarely leave a photo the way I initially capture it.

The experiments with the coffee images was a natural extension. The more I learn, read and explore the more interesting the art becomes. It is more addicting than the caffeine.

Creating so diverse photographs and finding so many senses in a cup of coffee is somewhat extraordinary. How did you come up to this process?

I experiment with every cup. During lock-down in 2019, I created a mediation room for myself. Each day I would make my French press coffee and listen to music, mediate, read and write.
I was fulfilling my goal of writing a children’s book. I challenged myself to read 3 books that sat in my book case for more than a decade. I chose two. The Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Einstein and a biography of Charles Schwartz- the “Peanuts” cartoonist.

Every day I exchanged texts with my Uncle who is a professional photographer by trade. As I was learning about energy and Einstein’s theories, I began to examine the coffee silt in the bottom of my cup.
I snapped a picture and texted it to my uncle. It was like our Rorschach test of the day- instead of ink blots it was coffee grounds.

I quickly realized that no two images were the same and both us saw very different things.

I choose not to use Photo shop to superimpose imagery or colors because for the the beauty is in the discovery and surprise within each cup.

What are the feelings you are trying to convey or expect people to have when interacting with your “French cups of coffee?

I hope the coffee art inspires people to be still and spend time thinking to curate original thoughts.

When we invest the time to let go of societal indoctrination, we discover who we are. Dreams and visions of what we can become ignite the truest version of ourselves. We realize our energy and power from within. Sharing and connecting with others is how our presence and existence becomes known.

Was there a particular event which triggered you to start photographing “Native Vibes Series”? What were the most challenging aspects of the process?

Actually, when I am creating I don’t have any expectation at all. I just stay engaged until I feel like the cup has revealed its’ story. Images began to pile up and I began to group them by related feel or interpretations. Naming images has led to hours of research regarding the countries of origin, culture, environment and history of my beans.

“Native vibes” was a natural fit for me as I have many Native American books, paintings and artifacts in my home. These ancient people were the first conservationist of society and certainly teemed with artistic expression. I grew up in rural Oklahoma and was immersed in the culture via friends and relatives.

How this series differs to the amazing “The Ancient Guardian Series”

I couldn’t claim to be a student of energy without exploring chakras. In 2008 I was the benefactor of a chakra cleansing from my friend Luci who had become an actual Shaman. She and her mother are both mentors to me. I can’t articulate exactly what happened but it paved a fertile road to opening my mind to spirituality in a different way.

After Einstein, I read a book by Dr. Maseru Emoto-The Hidden Messages in Water. One turned into 5 and I was hooked. He proved that water can molecularly respond to thoughts, intention and words. One thing led to another and my research shifted to the Earth’s chakras. My mediation and prayer became focused on how I could help heal the Earth by unclogging the flow of energy with my thoughts and intentions. My art began to reflect this new research. I imagined centuries of guardians from across the world protecting our planet. They began to manifest just as Einstein showed up in the very beginning.

The art really took a turn with an increase in dimension and explosive color.

There are many descriptions of the ideal state of mind for being creative. Which one do you identify to?

Curious and grateful.

What role do you want to have in society as an Artist?

To encourage people to love themselves so that they can raise their personal energy frequency.

This is the way we can support each other and our planet’s sustainability by neutralizing and releasing negative or trauma energy that resonates at a lower frequency. In essence, we create a fertile opportunity for healing and a positive flow of energy.

Check out Solfeggio Scale and the chakra system along with mediation and healing sound frequencies- it is worth the Google.

Could you introduce us to a new project you might have in mind?

Currently I am classifying my images by single origin beans and tracking the differences of ethically sourced coffee. French press coffee is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of brewing coffee.

Thanks again for the opportunity to interview you for Creativinn! Are there any final thoughts for our readers, in particular for the ones who would like to follow your path?

I appreciate your fabulous questions and your readers time. Think of me every now and again, google me occasionally to check in on my new discoveries but always know that I’m sending you vibes light and love. Find your beat-then share it!

Fall of 2022 is very exciting for me. I have found a place to call home for my one-of-a-kind single origin Costa Rican original art. So make the trek to downtown McKinney, Texas and visit us at David Mitchell Studios where my art will be paired with amazing luxury art tables made with reclaimed Costa Rican wood. We’ve lassoed an incredible synergy to say the least.

Coffee Art Experience event

If you visit Southlake, don’t miss Anachristy’s Coffee Art Experience event on June 23, Southlake, Texas at House of Mo. She will demonstrate how she creates the art and produce an event exclusive that can be ordered.

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  1. Great intervie Anachristy, I enjoyed learning about what inspires you. You are a kind, gentle and beautiful soul.
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