How to efficiently use a URL Shortener to promote your Artwork

URL Shortener
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Have you used a URL shortener before?

Chances are, you probably have, and were not aware of it. You probably used one when sharing a link on Twitter, for example. The use of URL shorteners is prevalent on Twitter or other social websites that impose a maximum number of characters. People who are familiar with URL shorteners can name examples quickly, such as

As the name indicates, URL shorteners reduce the length of URLs. But that is not the only purpose of them. URL shorteners propose a lot of other features that can make the life of an artist a lot easier. Before we get to these features, let’s properly define a URL shortener.

What is a URL Shortener? How can it be useful for an Artist?

A URL shortener is a tool that reduces the length of internet links. Generally, internet links tend to have over a hundred characters, but URL shorteners reduce them to roughly less than 20.
How are URL Shorteners useful to artists then? It is advantageous for artists to use them for 2 principal reasons; They make links more aesthetic, and they help monitor traffic.

URL shorteners make Aesthetic Links.

We live in an age where the more concise the information is, the better it is received. URL shorteners are a practical choice to compress internet links into shorter and more manageable links that are generally not over 20 characters, hence more aesthetic. For example, see the links below:


The second link is more aesthetically pleasing than the first, not only because it contains less information, but also because the viewer immediately understands what will be on the other side of the link. In this example, an alias was added to the title of the art piece to reinforce its visibility.
Also, if SEO, google rankings, etc. is significant to you as an artist, URL shorteners might be what you lack to gain better exposure as some links tend to be too lengthy for SEO.

traffic monitoring URL SHortener

Traffic Monitoring.

You may wonder why mention traffic monitoring? You probably think that you’re not an SEO Marketer, you’re an artist, and that’s true. Although traffic monitoring is crucial as it does not only help you evaluate your performance, but it also helps you better understand your followers or audience. Therefore, you learn where they are coming from, what they like best and can then adjust to suit their preferences.
Besides, by having access to your statistics, you will have concrete information about those that visit your links and who could be potential buyers of your work. the URL Shortener designed by Artists for Artists. is a URL shortener developed to offer the benefits cited above. Additionally, is made by Artists and those that understand them as well as the value of their work.

Try it out and benefit from its numerous advantages:

  1. A clean domain name dedicated to Art and creativity. We have a powerful spam and phishing detector to remove broken links and keep clean!
  2. Control all of your links from your administration panel with the click of a button.
  3. Modify the long URL behind your customized short links.
  4. Understand your fans with the help of Advanced Reporting & Analytics organized by continent, country, state, city, device type, device brand & device name.
  5. Customize your redirect page to make the website your own by adding your logo and colors.
  6. Add a Comment box to let people remark on your links.
  7. Invite your fans to have a look at your other designs.

And plenty of other features. Visit, the URL Shortener made by Artists for Artists, and create a free account (yes, it’s complimentary for Artists!).


CreativLi URL is a service provided by CreativInn to help creatives and artists easily share their work and learn more about their fans.

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