How to Improve an Artist’s Online Presence

How to improve an Artist presence online
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Before we get to the core of the subject, it is essential to convey that there is no clear-cut action that will suddenly increase your online visibility. It takes persistence and time to build a solid reputation. That said, we will now discuss tasks that will significantly help you expand your online visibility.

Focus on Producing Good Art First

We believe that your passion for great art is the main reason you are an artist. If this is the case, focus on producing art that will intrigue viewers and spark them into wanting to know more about you. Do not be mistaken; you should not create art for the sole purpose of attracting followers but allow the creative genius in you to be expressed freely. Nevertheless, you can be sure that once your art connects with people, they will want to know more and see more. First, be a great artist, then try to become famous, not the opposite.

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Learn how to showcase your Art

You have spent hundreds of hours creating your artwork, and it is worth displaying in the best showcase possible. Showcasing your artwork is not only by publishing them online, but it involves giving them a name, taking the time to describe them, choosing the best platform to expose them, etc. Who would choose to look at artwork called “untitled_4025.jpg”?

Control What is being Said About You

You need to control your image and every piece of content regarding you and your art. The internet can be constructive as much as it can be destructive. Therefore, if you can control what people state about you and your art helps avoid unnecessary polemics. You can manage this content with the ideas listed below.

  • Create an Artist Blog or Vlog

    Blogs and Video Blogs (Vlogs), when updated continuously, can considerably help an artist increase their visibility online. One purpose of the blog/vlog would be to explain your creative process when you post your art pieces. This information will attract more people to a post. You can also optimize your content, allowing it to be ranked well on google. If you don’t personally understand SEO and optimization, you can receive assistance from professionals to insert the precise keywords. Remember that the quality of your content comes first.

  • Select the right online art platforms to showcase your Artwork

    Select the right platforms to showcase on rather than publishing your art on every platform you see, hoping to be known someday. According to your online strategy, decide on the most appropriate platform and focus on it only.

  •  Go for Interviews

    Getting interviewed and featuring in articles is an excellent way of increasing your visibility online. An interview is the best opportunity you could have, if it’s done thoughtfully, to talk about your art. Although just because your name appears in featured articles doesn’t mean you have a higher chance of appearing in top google search results. It’s not that easy. First, you should communicate with the right magazine or art blog for you because quality matters. If you can’t find any magazine willing to interview you, we recommend hiring an artist agent. Once you have scheduled an interview, actively prepare the answers to potential interview questions. Don’t generate the interview with standard questions and answers. Seek out a magazine that will propose challenging questions and allow you time to answer. By doing this, participating in interviews will most definitely benefit you and your career both online and offline.

Artist online presence,How to improve,artist's online presence

Get on Social Media

Social media platforms gather a mass of people and could increase your exposure. However, to maintain a certain standard on social media, your activity must be consistent. Below are options that will assist you in managing your social media presence:

  • Set aside a specific day to Tend to Your Social Media Profiles:

    Adjust your schedule to set aside a day to tend to your social media profiles. You may even invest in software that you may schedule content to post while you concentrate on productive tasks. Such software can also assist with calculating the responses to your posts. You don’t need to upload only pictures of your work, but also think of uploading photos of your life moments. People strive to know how their favorite personalities are behind the scenes. That is why incorporating stories about yourself, such as how you were inspired to produce certain art pieces, will bolster your social media following. Remember, the more people know you on social media, the more visible you become online.

  • Grow your audience step by step:

    Share posts with your family and friends and encourage their sharing. These actions will help build a community slowly. Your platforms will have a more active audience, which contributes to your online visibility. Follow to be followed, but don’t follow people indiscriminately. For example, what advantage is there to follow a real estate agent?

  •  Go for a Community Manager:

    Community management (CM) is a job developed because of the expanding influence of social media. What does someone in this position do? They will manage posts, upload them, share them, get people interacting with them and above all, ensure everything is appropriate for your audience. The CM will organize all the social media aspects while you focus on creating art. Nevertheless, they will be entirely accountable to you and what happens on your social media profiles. You can find community managers on freelancing websites. They may even be capable of help mitigate your online strategy and produce a more attractive social profile. If you feel comfortable handing over the management of your accounts, we recommend this act. Your community manager will take a substantial amount of work from your shoulders.

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What to avoid while you try to increase your visibility

Most times, when trying to improve visibility online, artists do things that generate the opposite results. If you are considering taking any of these actions, we advise you not to. Firstly, they do not work, and secondly, the behavior will suggest you are a desperate artist.

  •  Do not purchase Followers on Social Media/Do not Purchase Backlinks:

    This activity could ultimately ruin the online reputation you want to build. Purchasing followers and backlinks are considered a sign of desperation and lack of confidence.

  • Do not beg for Shares and do not Publish on too Many Platforms:

    Another thing that is not well perceived is begging for shares. We are not claiming that you should not ask your followers to share if they like your work, but we suggest you let your followers decide if they want to share or not. Besides, fascinating content that connects with the audience will always receive significant shares. As always, focus on perfecting your art. Everything else can follow.

  • Do not try to get famous before having something to share:

    If you had to follow only one piece of advice, follow this one! Content is king.

We believe in this article, you have identified how you can assess your visibility and increase it the right way. However, if you need help, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Also, if you are wondering whether or not you need to be supported by an artist agent, read our article “Is it time for an art agent or representative” for more clarity.

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As an artist, the question of your online presence is of great importance these days, as people spend most of their time on the internet. The web is the first place they will go to in search of any information or service.

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How to assess an Artist online presence

As an artist, the question of your online presence is of great importance these days, as people spend most of their time on the internet. The web is the first place they will go to in search of any information or service.

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