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Preparing for an art exhibition is undoubtedly not the most natural thing to do, especially when you’re new at it. If it’s your first time showing your art to a broader audience and you just want everything to be perfect, do not panic. Because we understand how challenging preparing an art exhibition that could be a turnaround point for your career could be, we are here to assist you with the main aspects that will help you prepare for your art show better.

The points will be listed chronologically from the things you will need to get ready first to the things you could worry about a little later, but note that they are not of least importance. Let’s get to it right away!


Prepare your first Art Exhibition:

“be open-minded and not sales minded only”

Chose an Attracting Title for your Art Exhibition

If you wonder why this is so important let me explain. The name your exhibition carries is the first impression potential buyers will get about your work before even taking a close look at any piece. Choosing an intriguing and/or attractive name will draw people’s attention to your work and also to your personality as an artist, and that attention is what you need for your first exhibition right? So, chose carefully.


art exhibition, art show


Expose Only your Best Paintings

This point also is coherent with the first impression you need to make. You may not be the only one exposing so, your work needs to stand out. And about standing out, you need to dare. Dare present your most “unconventional” paintings. Those ones that stand out and that will make you stand out. Remember your unicity is what makes your art different so don’t be afraid to let that out.


Get Your Paintings Ready Ahead of Time

Imagine this scenario: At an exposition, a potential client notices a flaw in an artist’s painting and points it to his attention. Then, he has to start apologizing for a thousand and one things, but it just doesn’t seem to get the client’s trust back. That’s definitely not a beautiful image, right? So, to make sure the artist described above is not you, go through every single detail of your painting before and after the transport and the framing. You wouldn’t want to give your potential clients a lousy impression. Would you?


Select A Uniform Theme

Your paintings need to be consistent with a single theme and be uniform. Why is it important? So that, it will leave some kind of Signature in the mind of the people and make them able to recognize your work in the gallery from a distance. Maybe some people would like to get a series of paintings that tell the same story and depict the same emotions who knows?


art exhibition, art show


Make Sure Each Painting is Set for Transportation

Transportation is a very delicate stage during which your carefully designed work could be utterly ruined. Once again, you don’t want that do you? So, you need to make sure every single piece is very well prepared for a “Safe Journey.” The primary objective of this is so that you don’t get caught off guard and have your whole exposition ruined.


Visit the Art Gallery Before Hand and Make the Necessary Adjustments

If you get the opportunity to visit the gallery beforehand and maybe chose where your art is to be exposed, chose not the most desired spot by all, but the place that best suits you. Don’t Isolate your work either. In case the gallery is the one to choose the spot for you, make sure the lighting is at it’s best. Lighting is an essential factor that will significantly influence positively or negatively. A good light will bring out all the details of your art and like we said earlier those details constitute that unicity that in turn makes your art.


art exhibition, art show


Start a Social Media Campaign

Raising awareness on social media could help draw a lot more people to the exhibition. And that, in turn, will help your art reach a broader audience. The aim of this is to get your name out there, and maybe you will eventually sell more of your art pieces. This could really be useful knowing that things now happen on social media so, getting your name out there is probably not a bad idea.


Don’t Forget the Paper Work

The gallery will require that you send over to them your artist CV, Certificate of authenticity and artist statement so even though you may get caught up in the preparations, do not forget those.

art exhibition, art show


Look Good on the D Day and Remember to Socialize

As an artist, on that day you will need to look as flawless as your art. Your appearance matters a great deal, and people may associate it with your art, so make sure to get your “A game” ready. And about the socializing aspect, potential clients don’t mind knowing more about the artist and the story behind the art. So be fun and free to open up to them (about the art only of course). Maybe this could help increase the sales, who knows?


And finally, to help you, we can promote your Art Exhibition on our event calendar. You just have to submit your event here.

The tips above if applied could help you prepare your art exhibition successfully and maybe sell a few of your art pieces. But, as last advice, I would like to say “be open-minded and not sales minded only” (though sales are important). Because a lot of other great things and even opportunities could come your way apart from sales. Hope these tips will make your art exhibition as great as your art. Good luck!


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