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Artist curriculum vitae Artist CV
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Why an impressive Artist CV is crucial

In the business world, having a flawless Curriculum Vitae can considerably influence the first impression you make on an employer or reader. This influence is why people take their time to create the ideal CV. As you may know, a CV with the right elements could increase your chance of being hired.

As an artist, you may believe an artist CV doesn’t matter because your work speaks for itself, but if it’s useless, galleries wouldn’t require them for art exhibitions. Your artist CV will likely be the first thing that an art gallery will see from you. Never forget the adage, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression.” There are countless benefits to having a flawless artist CV, but we should instead outline tips that will assist you in creating that excellent artist CV.

Artist curriculum vitae Artist CV

Make your introduction simple

Simplicity is fundamental to have an impressive artist CV. A perfect CV is not necessarily a complex CV. Let’s review what the introduction contains and how best to compose each component.

  • Your description or biography:

Describe yourself in the most straightforward, captivating way. As an artist, we’re sure you understand how to draw attention. You may include information about your past experiences, but do not overwhelm them with this content as there is a specific section for your background. If you have no experience, you may discuss you and your art style. In any case, remember to keep it concise because less is more.

  • Your contact information:

Your address is not exclusive to your home address. Your contact information should include email, website, and phone number, but we don’t recommend using a non-professional email or phone number. Using these contacts insinuates inexperience. The contact information often is used as a header, which is convenient for the reader.

Include your education in your Artist CV

If you have an art education, this section will be effortless for you. If you don’t, no need to panic. We understand most artists are self-taught. If you have completed workshops and other learning events, include them in this section. You may also produce references of people you’ve studied along. Don’t be frustrated with yourself if you don’t have many credentials; as long as you are talented and focused, your art will demonstrate your abilities more than your education. Also, we advise not to include education that is not art-related.

Include previous collections and exhibitions

As simple as it sounds, be sure to include your previous collections and exhibitions. These sections of your CV are crucial to display your real-life experiences and to demonstrate you have exhibited your artwork. In case you are a new artist and have not shown your experiences like this before:

  • Collections:

    You can notate owners of your work with their consent, even if it was a gift. Anyone that you notate you should mark as a private collector, followed by their location. We don’t recommend including the last name of your collectors, as this is unprofessional. Additionally, don’t include the same locale twice.
  • Art Exhibitions:

    This section should include all previous and upcoming art exhibitions. If you have not experienced an art exhibition in a gallery, don’t be discouraged. Detail each exhibit adequately and don’t overlook the dates.


To create the perfect artist CV, these are the essential concepts you must include. Remember to be honest. You may also incorporate samples of your work with your CV. Keep in mind that an artist CV should be no more than two pages.

In addition to your Artist CV, you should prepare an Artist Statement and Artist Biography.

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