What lies in the Dark by Mario Cavett

Mario Cavett is currently a DBA Student at Northcentral University and he was Born and raised in Pine Bluff Arkansas. He defines himself as “A great Black Man with a strong commitment to his Independent Projects and his family”.

Mario Cavett has worked as a Writer, Illustrator and Independent Comic Publisher that spans ten years. His epic work as a Contributor for 123RF USA, LLC was first published back in 2005. A Great Contributor within the ranks of 123RF USA, LLC he is a real talent within the Art Industry. Mario Cavett’s work has ended up on several broadcast outlets such as the BoldBrush, Internationally recognized by the New York Times- Web Comics Nation, See.me, and internationally known On The Net Artist Showcase. He designed and illustrated for a timeworn International Art Collective, He has been published and did projects for internationally known Neo-oasis Science Fiction Magazine, which won the Prix Aurora Award in 2007 and 2009. He founded in 2014 his own Comic Publication Mario Cavett Comics.

Visit his online gallery, discover his fantastic Comics World and take the opportunity to have a chat with Mario Cavett!

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