The Inn where all the Creatives gather

Our Mission

To gather and promote all the creativity of the world.

We are the ‘’Inn where all creatives gather.”


CreativInn is a network designed to connect you with Creatives all around the world. It is where you have the opportunity to be noticed, and you get to acknowledge the work of other creative people.

This world is full of all sorts of creative people with different capabilities and skills. Sometimes, these creative and innovative minds decompose without being given the opportunity to display their abilities.

CreativInn does not want creative minds to decay without being noticed.

Creative People

If you are a creative minded person and have created anything worth showcasing to the world, then CreativInn will grant you space to promote your activities. Here, you can create pages for the creative artists you represent. As a member of CreativInn, you create a page about your projects, including descriptions, links to your website, a small gallery, a video if desired, and much more.

CreativInn also gives you a chance to promote your events like photo walks, workshops, or the new issue of your magazine.


CreativInn aims to inspire visitors to enter the creative universe of our artists. We ensure that all the artists and their innovative skills receive legitimate recognition in the world. The internet is a dominant source for learning everything about the world, which is why we are making the best use of the internet by displaying the creative people that exist on this planet. We want to show our visitors how you work and what your creative universe can produce.


At CreativInn, we want to deliver a platform you can use to make your passion discernable to the world. Not only can you exhibit your art on this page, but you can also observe the work of other artists. You enhance your knowledge about the distinct disciplines of art by attentively viewing the work of others.

Meet up

With CreativInn, you will find creative artists gathered together in one place. Their work is different, but they all have a common ground in creativity. CreativInn is like a museum where the art of Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso is conserved in the same place; both are strikingly different and have the power to teach a viewer the importance of art and creativity.

Mirror of your Art

CreativInn is not a platform to sell goods. It is a platform to present your creations and obtain recognition for your craft from the world.

CreativInn is not just an online art gallery; it’s the mirror of your Art. We are focused on quality content. Every page, every photo, is optimized to promote you and expand your visibility.

Our offer

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein