Mathias Will
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Mathias Will
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Creative, Designer, Painter, Photographer, Writer
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I am an artist based in Hamburg, Germany working mainly in the fields of film, performance and graphics, I am interested in mixing and melting these media.


Cities and street live are inspirations of my work:

– Interventions and disruptions of daily routine with performances by “The white man”; a difficult character.

– Films with new perspectives and a non-narrative approach.

– Graphics that comment the ugliness and the gracefulness beauty of things which surrounds me view.


I’m a writer as well. My texts are about special concepts of the world, outlaws and complete poetic worlds. I am interested in the fringe and not so much in the middle.

Some of my texts have been published as web readings. But they are only available in german. I apologize for that:

– Die U-Boot Fahrer

– Fire – I think this will burn


You can find more of my artwork at:


Walking through the streets, I am usually thinking about this and that. Therefore it is sometimes not easy to stop me. So go ahead! Use this opportunity and send me a mail, or contact me via twitter or facebook !

Max-Brauer-Allee 71, 22765 Hamburg