KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery presents 40 under 40

KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD present 40 under 40

KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery presents 40 under 40 until 28 February 2022.

This intriguing and provocative presentation of 60 diverse works from 40 young artists – all of whom are under the age of 40 – will be installed across seven indoor and outdoor sites at the historic Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate, the home of Krone Cap Classique, in Tulbagh. The show represents a celebratory moment on the contemporary art calendar, drawing on rising and established talents from across the African continent and beyond, making it one of the not-to-be-missed cultural events of the South African Spring/Summer season.

Selected works are placed together in conversation and were created largely during the pandemic. Collectively, they address a world which demands renewed negotiations of intimacy and sociality. These responses span painting, photography, sculpture, murals, video, mixed media, and installation. The artists – some of whom are up-and-coming, while others are already well established – represent a generation determined to flip the script and manifest new ways of making and being in the world.

According to the exhibition organisers: “Through their pieces, the participating artists reflect on the one hand, a deep care for images which bind us to history and, on the other hand, an impulse to experiment with entirely new forms of expression. The exhibiting artists share a desire to create hybrid, often poetic forms that are a testament to their ability to meet challenges with innovation and sensitivity.”

The 40 participating artists include Lakin Ogunbanwo (Nigeria), Stephané Edith Conradie (Namibia), Sepideh Mehraban (Iran), Chris Soal (South Africa) and Ronald Muchatuta (Zimbabwe), among others. The impetus is to experience all 60 pieces in relation to one another, but standout examples to look forward to, include oil paint and plaster sculptures by Mia Chaplin; exquisitely rendered beadwork sculptures by Asemahle Ntlonti in collaboration with Noxolo Dyosi and Pumla Lempuku; delicate pencil drawing by Dada Khanyisa; large scale woodblock reliefs by Sthenjwa Luthuli; and paintings by Callan Grecia and Matthew Eguavoen.

Guests will navigate the breadth and depth of the exhibition via directional wayfinding and a map connecting the various sites. There are seven locations spread across the estate and the route is ordered from start to finish. The exhibition begins at the KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery premises and leads out onto the gardens and lawns before winding its way to the cellar annex and arcade before finishing at the reception area. It makes for several hours of exploration and contemplation, with the nearby Krone Cap Classique tasting room – set against a majestic mountain and vineyard backdrop – providing ample opportunity for pause, refreshment, and reflection. And all just 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town…

40 under 40 exists as part of a continuum: progressive and much-adored Cap Classique brand Krone and leading gallery WHATIFTHEWORLD have collaborated since 2018, when the KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery was established at the estate. Being geographically situated outside of the bustle of the city, the gallery is a contemplative space for viewers to engage with art in a more intimate and immersive way.

In 2019, an artist-in-residence programme was set up at the estate as a way of encouraging artists to experiment without the pressure of a commercial outcome. This residency offers artists the chance to work undisturbed, surrounded by the natural environment.

40 under 40 was envisioned to provide a broad survey of young artists whilst using curatorial intervention to foster meaning through contextualising the selected works in relation to one another. To allow visitors a more personal engagement with the pieces on show, there will be guided public walkabouts and artists’ activations on the dates below:

  • 4 December 2021
  • 15 January 2022
  • 5 February 2022

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KRONE X WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery presents 40 under 40
A showcase of 40 artists under the age of 40 from across Africa

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