Interview with upcoming Fashion Designer Nancy Gubbala

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Interview with upcoming Fashion Designer Nancy Gubbala

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Nancy Gubbala is an upcoming Fashion Designer, coming from India and who lives at Savannah, United States. She did her BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design and is planning on doing her MA in Luxury and fashion management.


Nancy Gubbala Interview:

Believe, deep in your heart, that you’re capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.


Nancy Gubbala, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your universe?

As a student, I am working toward my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion. I want nothing more than to design clothes; fashion is always on my mind. I was raised in India, where my life was rather ordinary. It was fashion and fashion alone that I could depend on for excitement. When I was still very young, I decided that I wanted to go into an artistic field, fashion soon taking over my life thereafter. It just made sense to me to pursue fashion, given how much fun I have doing it. I can work fifteen, sixteen hours or twenty-four hours per day and still feel as if I have not been working at all. I am thrilled to see what else fashion had to hold in the future.

To me, there is nothing more thrilling than the time that I get to spend working on fashion design. As someone who is naturally creative, I am always looking for new paths forward and for new ways to put a spin on classic tastes. I believe that there is always something more to add to every design or something more to take away, some way to change what we have done to productive novelty. Another belief of mine is that my propensity for learning is endless. If I continue to push myself, I can continue to find out new things. That is the reason I demand so much of myself. I know that I can keep on improving and keep on evolving. Fashion design is world fraught with challenge, and I intend to meet them all head-on.

Do you have or have had a mentor or other special person to guide you?

My grandparents and my aunt, who is a mentor and role model of mine, raised me. Teaching me to chase my dreams, my aunt has instilled in me a strong sense of wonder, which has been a huge boon to my creative side. I am not one to be tied down by old tradition, seeking instead to make my own mark on the world and to hold originality as a virtue above all other virtues.

The costumes you design are very creative and seem beyond reality. Where do you find your inspiration?

Anytime I am not designing clothes, my pastimes are taking long walks, watching old movies, and reading books where I find my inspiration.

Walking out into the open air, I breathe in the scent of flowers, their sweetness filling my entire nose. The trees seem to be in congregation with one another, discussing ages past and ages future, rising up and yet never to touch the blue sky above. This is nature, and it is where I feel most at home. When I want to find inspiration, I go out into the natural world. Under the stars or under the sun, I become one with the planet and see beauty in its most unbridled form. This is me at my absolute best; I feel great, I do great, and I am confident.

As a designer of casual wear and evening wear, I pride myself on my ability to see the world in all its majesty and then reproduce what I see in an abstract way. Clarity is a skill that I have developed over time: I envision a design, get a feel for how that design will mesh with the world at large, and then get to work. Anytime I can spend my work day in nature, everything seems to come much more effortlessly, the ideas flowing more smoothly and my vision seeming much less clouded.

Nature is where fashion comes alive for me, as funny as it may sound. Whereas others thrive cooped up in their studios, I like to be out in the world. I like to see the clouds above me and to feel sunlight on my cheeks. The air that I smell in the park will always be softer to me than the air that’s been run through an AC unit. That is just the type of person who I am, reveling in the natural world, drawing from it great influence, seeing it in limitless potential. Among nature, I create.

What are you currently working on?  What is your dream project?

I currently completed my BFA in Fashion and planning on further studies to improve my skills, my dream project is to eventually create my own brand.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

My aunty always said “ I want my daughter to believe, deep in her heart, that she is capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to”.



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