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Rapper Corepreme

Michael Corey Baugh is better known by his stage name CorePreme. He is an American Rapper, Record Producer, Actor and Entrepreneur. Recently finishing a a world tour that spanned over 6 continents, 17 countries, and 22 major cities in the U.S; CorePreme has established himself as an international Rapper.

Corepreme kindly accepted to answer our questions about his music.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to music?

Music was always something that inspired me, but I became particularly more musical from church. I never sung on the choir, but I did play the drums and when I wasn’t doing that, I was writing rhymes about the bible. I guess I started as a Christian rapper. That was years ago. My music now is in someway similar, since I try to reflect the duality of mankind as we struggle between heaven and hell.

Who are some of your favorite musicians, and how did they influence you?

Well Jay-Z pretty much layed the groundwork of what it means to be a businessman in Hip Hop.  His poise and business acumen are legendary; I have learned a lot from Mr.Carter.2Pac was the first rapper to convert me to the culture of Hip Hop. He struck me with his passion and compassion. He was a reflection of the community and It was compelling to watch him self-destruct. Bob Marley was someone who refused to compromise for injustice and his music reflected the harsh times, very similarly to what Jay & Pac talked about. I love what’s happening with Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. They were immediately favorites of mine once I heard their music. There are too many to name.

Do you have other sources of inspiration?

I guess Bob Marley’s partaking of the plant as motivation, I have to say I can understand his reasoning. I find inspiration in other artists. I love to work with talented people, they energize me. Family, love, pain, the holy virtues and the deadly sins.

What’s the meaning behind your music?

I kind of alluded to it earlier. My music is about the struggle of mankind. The good vs the bad. The right vs the wrong. As I traveled around the world on my tour, I began to understand the differing cultural structures and how I related to mine. The experience has not only changed the way I think, It has changed the feelings I had. Things are rarely black or white, there is a huge gray area, gray like an elephant. Pun intended.

Rapper or Hip-hop?  MC and hip-hop philosopher KRS One described the two terms with great efficacy, “stating that rap is something that is done, while hip-hop is something that is lived.” What do you think?

Both. I live this everyday, I am proud to be a Hip Hop culturalist. Hip Hop cuts the dividing lines right up the middle. There is no room for discrimination.  I always joke how Hip Hop had a white rapper before America had a black president.  KRS is one of my best teachers. I would be honored to study with him, Pitbull and the motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. The people truly inspire me.

When you are composing—how much of it is instinctual versus planned?

Most of it is instinctual, to my detriment. Its easy for me to write 5 songs in a row nonstop, I just need talented people around me to bring out the best in me. I am considering different things musically I have never considered. I want to innovate, create something that has never been done. In 2016 I am hoping to shock the world.

How has your style changed over the years?

Its more relaxed now, Though I cover some thick content, a lot of my more recent stuff is about escaping, not as much reality. Michael Jackson once spoke about the power music has and its ability to provide escapism. I just want to make people happy.

You seem having a close relationship with your mother, does your last singe “Blame It On My Momma” pay homage to what she taught you?

Yes! I love my mother and I appreciate her sacrifice so I could have more. I cannot wait until I buy her that house I always promised her. The single is really an edgy, club song. I am talking about how I got my confidence from her.

What do you think the most appealing aspect of this new single?

It’s a fun song. Its all about enjoying life and being confident.

What are your future projects?

I’m finishing my first album and wrapping up my mixtape “It Heaven & Then There’s Hell” I am also performing in Manhattan at least once a month and attending acting auditions.  I wrote a character for the popular tv show Empire. He is a close friends son who is currently a pimp and like a son to luscious. Hopefully they pick it up.

And finally, where to go to meet and hear you?

That’s the best way to get me. It has upcoming performances, free music and videos there.

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