Photographer Seydou Keïta at the “Grand Palais”

seydou Keïta at le Grand Palais
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Photographer Seydou Keïta at the “Grand Palais”

The photography exhibition showcasing Seydou Keïta ’s work is currently running at the Grand Palais. The photography exhibition opened its doors from March 21st and will end on July 11th 2016. This is a collection from Jean Pigozzi photograph collection, which is the largest collection of contemporary African art. The collection that includes 12000 works was created by Jean Pigozzi and André Magnin in 1989.

The Grand Palais photography exhibition offers art lovers and photography enthusiasts a chance to witness Art in its best form. Visitors of the gallery will be able to see Seydou Keïta ’s subjects come to light during the exhibition. Not only was Seydou Keïta a carpenter and photographer, he blended his skills and made a business out of it. His foresight, creativity and enterprising nature enabled him to relate well with his subjects. This can be noticed from the faces of his adoring subjects, who not only posed for photographs but paid for the services as well.

He rented costumes, jewelry, cars and flowers to his photography customers, which are lessons worthy of emulating for modern avid photographers. Seydou Keïta stands out as a magnificent artist whose works will continue inspiring future generations. His work is indeed an exceptional testimony of Malian society of his time.



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