Singer Songwriter Jyrice - Album Again


Singer-Songwriter Jyrice Biography

Since the release of “Can’t Believe” and “Again” in the mid 2010s, Jyrice’s penchant for emotionally vivid lyricism paired with authentic, heartfelt instrumentation has garnered avid attention from listeners. But it’s important to recognise that Jyrice’s ambitions as a musician run deeper than amassing an audience. Across his career, Jyrice continually returns to the desire to help other artists gain the recognition they deserve. These two-sides of his career solidify Jyrice as a both a unique voice and a keen collaborator.


Becoming Jyrice

Born and raised in Jacksonville, a city which has produced numerous musical icons from mid-century double bassist Sam Jones to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Limp Bizkit, music took a hold on Steven J. Rogers (Jyrice) from a young age and has never let go. Throughout his time at school Rogers sang in various competitions and within many groups, even gaining his first radio airtime in a live performance with his class.
While events like the Jacksonville Jazz Festival and Jacksonville Landing left lasting impressions on Rogers as he was moulding his musical palette, he has repeatedly credited his mother’s eclectic, and greatly loved music collection as being one of the strongest forces that propelled him towards music.
Upon graduating, Rogers struggled through a particularly rough period where he worked two unfulfilling jobs. Despite its temporarily demoralizing effects, this period provided him with the funds to procure some home recording equipment and continue with his passion for music on his own.
In the search for new grounds, Rogers signed up to serve in the US Navy. Rogers often highlights this period of service as one of the most formative to date, as it provided him with mentorship, cultural diversity, new skills, travel and a platform through which to meet a myriad of new people. During these eight years of service, it is fair to say Jyrice was born.
After developing his musical style independently with the equipment he had previously procured, Jyrice released his first track with Blue Records. This track was later complimented by the singles “Can’t Believe” and “Again”, before his EP “Again” was released in 2020.


Creating Contrast

Just as Jyrice’s creative inspirations are manifold, so are the rich textures he creates within each track. Taking a closer look at the track “Again”, one can quickly identify the many contrasting elements which are placed together to create a unique sound. The simple but vivid lyricism plays on dark, wholly prevalent, themes while the soft, heartfelt melody of the instrumentation provides a comparatively light tone. This contrast is what makes Jyrice’s work a breath of fresh air.
In the aftermath of COVID-19, such contrasts are imbued with added meaning—given the need for us all to find the light in dark situations. Jyrice has kept an open dialogue about how COVID has affected his life and work, ultimately concluding that gratitude is a powerful force to combat such darkness. A theme which, again, draws us back to the contrasts in “Again”.


Building a Platform

Despite the difficulties faced by all artists throughout the pandemic, Jyrice’s ambition to forward both his career and the careers of others is unshaken, claiming “I would still claim to be a creator, even if that means that I’m a creator of opportunity for others”.
As such, despite his relatively slim catalogue of releases to date, one shouldn’t isolate Jyrice’s success to his own releases as the value Jyrice continues to provide to other creatives is a fundamental part of his ambition and impact as a musician.