Twenty Two B

Twenty Two B

Twenty Two B is a singer/songwriter and recording artist based in Los Angeles, California.

L.A. Artist Twenty Two B grew up on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, later leaving his country as a political refugee to escape its bloody civil war. He soon arrived in the USA and began pursuing his passion for music.

His love for music and his unfortunate experience with war form an explosive style of music, a peculiar mix of pop and rock.

“In this life, there’s a lot of drama and tragedy, but through music, you can spread a lot of positive things.”

Twenty two B’s goal is to use his story to inspire others to reach their dreams as music did with him.

That is exactly what he does in his new album, In the Making, released in 2016. It features 10 lively songs that will give you goosebumps.

Like many music lovers of his generation, Twenty Two B has a passion for both the emotional songwriting and the stage performance atmospheres of artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince James Brown and Queen. We all long for a peaceful world, it’s possible, stop the hate and let your love flow!. As a CEO of SWAG7 PRODUCTION I’, he wants to create an environment where the artists can express their unique talents through songs, book writing, fashion, acting, motivational speaking, and entertainment.

His album “In the Making” was written by Machoudi Badarou and produced by 7 Music Productions. His clip has been directed and filmed by Xochitl Rodrigue, Mexican Blonde Productions, LLC, Edited & VFX by Team KVK Studios.