twoguns tattoo

Two Guns Tattoo

Australian-owned, top-of-the-line Two Guns Tattoo studio in Bali with world-class, award-winning artists, Australian health standards, USA Imported Ink.

Two Guns was opened in 2010 in contrast to many other Bali tattoo studios it has the same health standards, rules and regulations that Australia still practices. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I have come from a construction and mining background and always knew there was more for me in life than working for someone and spending weeks away from the rest of society with only a kangaroo or a cow to talk to. Bali was always a place I enjoyed to holiday and I was determined to live there, I just needed to find a way to support myself.

Were you always interested in art growing up? What motivated you to run a tattoo studio?

Art has always been an interest of mine but only as an observer, I have little talent myself. I have my share of Bali tattoos which include a few from poorly chosen tattoo studios, which lead to watered down ink which fades in no time, basic or poor art and worst of all a regrettable tattoo. Through word of mouth I found an outstanding studio in Bali which was recommended from friends of an NRL superstar. It was more expensive than a usual Bali tattoo studio but for good reason. The artists are award winning with over 15 years of experience, a large super clean air-conditioned studio and friendly staff made all the difference. This was a REAL tattoo studio doing REAL tattoos, not a money making scam like 90% of studios in Bali. So when I saw it advertised for sale I did everything in my power to make sure I would be the next owner of Two Guns.

Tell us about your Tattoo studio? How is this different from other Tattoo Studios?

People come to Two Guns because of the work they see on their friends and family that we have done. We do not pay a commission to taxi drivers who manipulate tourists into getting tattoos at their friend’s studio. Our artists do freehand art onto the skin, which is rare in Bali. Our studio is large and always kept very clean and hygienic. It is air-conditioned and non-smoking. When you come to Two Guns you will be greeted by me, the owner where we can discuss your tattoo thoroughly. As opposed to feeling unsure about how the communication went between you and an Indonesian.  

Might you explain a little bit about the name of your studio?

Two Guns is the name given by the founder in 2010, the name has made a fantastic reputation for itself over the years which has created a network of return customers and their friends and family. Who are the artists who work in Two Guns Tattoo Studio Bali? Do they have their own specificity? Their own universe? My lead artist is Ricky TNT and Kenyoz  Sudama both also what is called a complete artist which means they are fully accomplished in all styles of tattoo, not just one particular style, although they do have their favorites. Ricky’s being darkside and Kenyoz’s being realistic.  

What do you want your customers to take away from your Tattoos?

I want my customers to feel amazed and surprised at how good the art is we have done on them. We have had customers cry from happiness once the tattoo is finished or just plain amazement on their face is really a good feeling for me. You will always get a better tattoo than you could even imagine here at Two Guns. The other thing a Two Guns customer gets is a long lasting fresh looking tattoo, we only use the highest quality ink which will last the test of time.   You can find more information on their website but on their facebook page, where you’ll find many examples of what they do.