La maison des Artistes francophones

La maison des artistes francophones

La Maison des artistes francophones is an artist centre of contemporary art that works with the francophone community in Manitoba as well as the French-speaking community at large. It supports the promotion of works in all disciplines via exhibitions, exchanges, workshops and artist residencies. Through networking and partnerships, it encourages openness to forms of expression from […]

Evan Steenson

Evan Steenson

Evan Steenson is an emerging Canadian conceptual artist who works in painting and digital media. He is a member of the 1313 Gallery and lives and works in Toronto.   OUTPUT Avoiding formalism and representation, Evans compositions present us with a renegotiation of the art-as-object versus art-as-image discourse. Often presented in series, each individual composition […]

Douglas Williams Photography

Douglas Williams

  I’ve been an architectural and commercial photographer in Vancouver since 1983. My preferred subjects are architecture and interiors and I’ve developed an excellent eye for buildings as photographic art. I’ve shot products, executives, travel, theatre, and more. My images are marketed around the world through AGE Fotostock and Canadian Press Images.   Architectural Photography I have a clean […]