An Interview with Mr. Clever Art, An Amazing Pop Art Painter

Interview with Mr. Clever Art, An Amazing Pop Art Painter

Known as Mr. Clever Art in the art world, Andrew Rosenblatt is strongly emerging in the Contemporary Pop Art scene. Born in New York and currently living in Los Angeles, California, he is most known for his unique way of fusing bright colors with luxury merchandise such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Mr. Clever uses a random artistic and eclectic creativity of Pop Art fused with Juxtaposition, abstract lines, and dots to make up most of his Contemporary art. His artwork is quickly and covertly being scooped up by art collectors, art investors and art galleries around the world.

Welcome to Mr. Clever, Digital Artist, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in painting?

Well, I’m not a digital artist… I consider myself a painter, or to be exact, a Contemporary Pop Artist fuzed with Abstract insanity.

I am a Los Angeles Artist, who has always lived next to Hollywood and as you can tell, my art is influenced as such.  I began painting as a kid, with finger painting and creating books.  I still use finger painting a lot in my paintings of supermodels.

I think I find ways to make sure my hands are nearly always in the paint.  I even appreciate the fine smell of spray paint which I use a lot in my paintings.

Darth Bright Vader by Mr. Clever Art
Darth Bright Vader by Mr. Clever Art
A Triumphant Clown by Mr. Clever Art
A Triumphant Clown by Mr. Clever Art

How did you come up with “Mr. Clever” as your artist name? Is there a link with the universe of your children’s books?

At first, I was Mr. Clever, but I feel Mr. Clever Art is more representative of my art now.  I started signing my paintings as Mr. Clever Art just before Art Basel Miami last year.

The “Art” is for “POP ART”!

How did I get my artist name?  It’s a name I grew into over several years of creating children’s books. To be clear, I am neither a Dr. Who Villain nor the children’s book character.

I did, however, create a universe as you say, and I truly think it’s very “Clever”.  See what I did there.  Paws Pals Publishing is my publishing company and I created all the books myself from start to finish.  Not exactly a link, but you can go online at Barnes and Nobles, Waterstones, and Amazon and type in Paws Pals Publishing and at least 30 of my 100 books will pop up.

All my books are stories of animals with human characteristics and mostly were made as early learning books, bedtime story books, and coloring books.  Each of my coloring books has its own series.

Do you have or have had a mentor or other particular person to guide you?

No, I do not have a mentor.  I do have artist influences as you can probably tell.
Pop Artists no longer with us, Abstract and Surrealism Artists no longer with us.  Modern-day Street Artists, thankfully that are still with us.

Your artworks are abstract but seem inspired by the everyday life, is your art style inspired by any real-life situations?

You hit it right on the button! I have been told my paintings look like, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock got into a bar fight and my paintings are the aftermath.

My art is defined by Hollywood life.  It’s all I’ve ever seen.

I was in Paris, France a few years back. The hotel I was staying out for my Holiday had an Original Louis Vuitton Giant Luggage Trunk that was turned into the main Hotel Elevator.

No joke, it changed my perception of life and art! At that moment, I turned into Mr. Clever Art. That exceptional form of Luxury and Juxtaposition quickly turned my art into what it is today.

Your manipulations stand out in incredible quality and technique. Could you explain your creating process?

Wow, thank you for saying that! Sometimes I will sit, stand, stalk by canvas until I’ve seen the entire finished painting in my mind.  Nothing is by accident.

It is very calculated and sometimes it can take me days until I realize what I want it to look like, which colors, and so forth.  It’s very mind consuming. Without giving away my entire process… I will say that I use as much luxury as I can in my art.

I use vintage 50-year-old French luxury cotton paper for my paintings on paper.  I use luxury cotton canvas and luxury linen canvas on my paintings and also on my hand pulled screen prints.

My screen prints are all and only hand-pulled by me, no machines no buttons.  Even giant 5-foot screens prints are hand pulled by me. My giclee prints are on photo rag with deckled edges.

When I do my hand pulled screen prints I use special blends I’ve made using Tiffany gold dust or platinum diamond dust, or I use diamond dust. I also enjoy painting with diamond dust and adding diamonds onto my paintings. For example, I’ll paint Diamond Dust in the hair or on the lips, or on the nails, or in the eyes, of my Kate Moss or Madonna paintings.

The Terminator & His Big Red Gun by Mr. Clever Art
The Terminator & His Big Red Gun by Mr. Clever Art
Louis Vuitton LV Luxury Spray Can by Mr. Clever Art
Louis Vuitton LV Luxury Spray Can by Mr. Clever Art

What role do you want to have in society as an Artist?

To provoke thought.

Get people thinking outside of the box.

Poke fun at society.

It’s life, why take it so seriously.

What are you currently working on?

I’m going BIG!  5 foot, 10-foot paintings.  5 foot by 10-foot paintings, and up to 20 feet. Lots and lots of paintings in various sizes too!

I want to take up art collectors entire walls with my paintings. Lots of new mediums and lots of mediums mixed together.

I’m forming different paints, different effects within the paint, different forms of luxury dust, lots of experimenting. It’s fun!

Is artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

I’ve heard that it can be lonely.  For me no, not really. I paint with a lot of colors so I think that helps. Plus my dogs are always right there with me while I’m painting.

Since my art has become a little part of Hollywood culture these past couples of years, I go to a couple red carpet celebrity events each month.

Where is it possible to see your artworks? Do you plan to participate in any Art Events?

Last year, I participated in 5 group art shows including Art Basel Miami and 2 Charity Events where I donated my paintings to charity. This year, I’d like to have My Own Solo Mr. Clever Art Show!

I wouldn’t mind participating in a couple of gallery group art shows, so any galleries reading… For now, you can see some of my paintings and buy art on my website or on my Instagram @MrCleverArt

Elvis Peace House Rock Canvas Edition by Mr Clever
Elvis Peace House Rock Canvas Edition by Mr Clever

Thanks again Mr. Clever Art for the opportunity to interview you for Creativinn! Are there any final thoughts or words of advice you have for our readers?

I am going to give away one of my paintings in a contest after this magazine article is published!

To be included in the contest, all you have to do is add me on Instagram @MrCleverArt and go to and add your name to my email list.

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