An Interview with Talented Pop Singer Shannon K

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K
I was recently fortunate to have a conversation with Shannon K, a talented singer-songwriter whose latest album “Perpetual” was recently released. We chatted about her sound, her musical inspirations, and the art of songwriting. June 16th, 2001 marked the beginning of great things in India as Shannon K was born. Her father is renowned Veteran Bollywood playback vocalist, Kumar Sanu. Shannon K was brought up in the UK and now resides in Los Angeles, US. Shannon K recorded, directed by British movie director, William steel, her very first music video “move back the years” when she was just 12, in July 2014. She has been awarded “The best newcomer” from The Rolling Stones Film Festival. Shannon K composes unique tunes and songs. Her lovely single “Sapphire” received a lot of appreciation. Shannon K has gone on to record blues, soft rock, ballad, R&B and pop songs since her debut to the music industry. Her first Album “Perpetual” was released in June 2017 and her music video “Lately” was the most viewed for over 24 hours, as announced by the Trendsetters.

Shannon K, a talented singer and songwriter, from Bollywood to Hollywood

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K

"Just believe in yourself and have confidence!"

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K

 Shannon K, please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to music.

I am a singer/songwriter, I was born in India and brought up in London, I was classically trained from ABRSM (associated board of royal school of music) I sing pop songs but I like to explore all genres. I have sung EDM, Soft rock and Ballad etc. I was 12 when I had my debut single out ‘Roll Back The Years’ which was written by my sister Annabel K based on a real-life experience, and that’s how I came into music.

Who are some of your favorite musicians, and how did they influence you?

My favorite musicians apart from my Dad are; Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Adele, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars.
I was influenced by all of these amazing musicians because each one of them had their own unique style which drew me towards them. Their songs inspired me to become a singer. Song’s are basically related to the emotions and I always write about them, Whether I’m feeling sad, happy, angry etc. For me, life doesn’t exist without music.

Do you have other sources of inspiration?

Reading autobiographies of my idols motivates me because when I read them it shows me that a lot of people have failed before they got success. It gets me thinking ‘if they can make it why can’t I?’. When I see people on the streets playing cool music, looking at them motivates me to work harder and never give up I mean I get inspired by all the musicians and I hope if I get successful, I can help them whichever way they need. Besides this my family and friends motivate me as well, they are always there to support/encourage me.

Shannon K, what is the meaning behind your music?

The meaning behind my music is to make everyone feel good and I try to make my music as relatable as possible. I usually write based on my personal experiences or my friends and family’s experiences, basically, my lyrics are based on reality. My Goal is to make good music and share my feelings through my music. I think my music relates to Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Adele and Ed Sheeran because I write meaningful songs.

What do you think the most appealing aspect of your album “Perpetual”?

I think the most appealing aspect of my new music is melody and different sounds. Each one of my songs have amazing melody and they all sound different from each other, they all have their own story to tell and I really love that.

My latest album Perpetual is a book of never-ending emotions/feelings and stories. Each one of the songs has its own story to tell. I’ve co-written most of the songs with my little sister Annabel, who’s 13. There are producers like David Tyrell who I worked with and recorded 4 songs when I was 12 and residing in the U.K. Then I worked here with few more producers like Rishirich in the US. It took me 3 years to make this album.

Sometimes you feel like you need someone and you want them to be there with you. Other times it’s about missing the ones you have lost.

Sometimes you feel like saying “Boy look at me when I’m talking to you“, but sometimes you feel like saying “Don’t look at me like that with your pretty eyes” and I got inspired by Justin Bieber’s eyes to write “Pretty Eyes”.

Sometimes you just wanna have fun by getting Slow Down and feel Alive. So there are many emotions that are in this album.

Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K in concert
Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K in concert

When you are composing—how much of it is instinctual versus planned?

Most of it is instinctual because when you’re thinking about the theme then the ideas come to you almost immediately and I’m always writing so I look back in my diary and see if I have anything that can go with the song that I’m composing or I write on the spot according to my mood!

I grew up with not having my dad around as much because he was when I was a toddler and still is traveling around the world for his concerts. So apart from my mom, I had my grandparents, whom I lost at the age of 5. So basically, I missed most of the affection which I craved so bad and that emotion reflects on the songs ‘Running’ and “I Believe”.

Pretty Eyes” was actually inspired by Justin Bieber’s dreamy eyes. I was casually watching his music video “Boyfriend” and I didn’t realize that I was falling for him, and I guess that’s how the song came to be.

“Lately” is for all those girls who had their heart broken but know who they are. It’s about being independent, strong and beautiful even without a man.

There are some light-hearted party songs like alive, lonely here, it’s so good, and slow down which was produced by Rishi Rishirich.
The song ‘When Summer Comes’ is about being relaxed and enjoying the nature! It’s about forgetting all the stresses in your life for a while and spending time with your friends and family.

Shanon K, what are your future projects?

I have a lot of amazing projects that are coming soon, I have collaborated with Grammy Awards winner songwriter Poo Bear which was one of my 3 biggest dreams. I had another collaboration with Academy AAward-nominated producer Kyle Townsend for 4 songs. There is an Anti Bullying song in my EP which will be released by March this year. Along with that, I have other projects too which I’m super excited to share with everyone. I’ve collaborated with an Indian band for a song about Women Empowerment!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice that I’ve been given is to be positive and keep patience because patience is the key. One should never think that things gonna happen overnight. It takes years of hard work to achieve something. Always work hard to achieve your goals and do not care about what others say negative or think about you, just believe in yourself and have confidence. Be kind to others and praise everyone on social media because it makes others happy and makes you a better person.

And finally, where to go to meet you and hear you?

You can find me on Spotify, iTunes, Vevo, YouTube and to see what I’m doing next you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Shannon K Singer.


If you want to know more about Singer Shannon K, don’t hesitate to visit her profile page!

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