Joe Bloch, the creative Brüklyn artist you have to discover !

Skullcity by Joe Bloch

All paths can lead to creativity, teaches us the story of Joe Bloch, an artist and creative director. Joe specializes in highly textured acrylic paintings and a mix of impressionism, surrealism, and street art on canvas.


Joe Bloch started his creative career when he joined RIT and received a BFA to study anatomic illustrations. For ten years, he worked as a medical illustrator drawing depictions of the human body. During that period of time, Joe learned many crucial skills that would eventually make him an excellent draftsman. Furthermore, his work as a medical illustrator still leaves behind a distinctive effect on his work as you will often find body parts in his paintings and artworks.

Joe then decided to let free his creativity by becoming what he is today, a resourceful artist and creative director. Since then, Joe let himself be guided by his imagination and inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, in an interview by Abstract Media, he revealed that his work has been greatly influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and several street artists. He also said that “travelling around the world has had a great influence on me (Joe) in terms of experiences, colors, landscapes, and alternating viewpoints.”

Although Joe is very creative and inventive, he is very technical and structured. This pleasant mix leads to an art that is not overloaded in colors and shapes but not plain and ordinary, that is a fantastic balance between imagination and organization.

Current Projects


Joe Bloch owns his art studio and gallery called “CreativeBloch” where he intends “to do something unique” as he also wants it to be an art shop and his working studio. Recently, Joe started a collection called “Living in Brüklyn” that assembles a variety of paintings, products, and prints that give a glimpse of the well-known Brooklyn, New-York throughout the ages. One of the most special themes of the exhibition is the conversion of old factories to newer condos. All art pieces displayed there fully express the rich atmosphere of Brooklyn and its intense history.  In more technical terms, Joe’s paintings are a creative mix of street art, impressionism, and graphic design elements. In his Kickstarter page, Joe also revealed that many of his paintings have a 3D view with 3D glasses, which explains the use of vivid colors such as red and blue! Wow!

If you want to support Joe Bloch and his art studio, please feel free to donate at his Kickstarter page:

Visit Joe’s website to see his art pieces, addresses, and other interesting information:

The Future

Joe has big plans for the future including expanding his gallery, both in size and in notoriety, and developing his Creativebloch brand by working more with other Brooklyn artists.

After reading about Joe Bloch’s life and seeing his art, I was greatly impressed by it, and I wish Joe the best of luck for him, his art studio, and all his future projects.

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