Warren Lynn: One Dream, One Story, One Man

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Warren Lynn: One Dream, One Story, One Man

Charles Bridge by Warren lynn

When I see art pieces for sale that I find interesting, I ask myself four series of questions to see if I should buy it or not.

  • Is the art piece nice and do I really want to buy it?
  • Does it fit well anywhere in my house?” (I indeed wouldn’t want to buy a beautiful painting if I would have to put it in the attic due to lack of space!).
  • Is the price appropriate and my money well-spent in this art”?
  • Does the art piece have any feelings attached to it? Does it have a story behind its creation, and if I met the artists that created the artwork, I might also ask myself if it reminds me its creator and his personality.

Today I will talk about a digital artist by the name of Warren Lynn whose artwork positively answer to all of my questions.


One Dream, One Story, One Man

Since early childhood, Warren loved drawing and artwork. Young Warren dreamed of making becoming an artist and living off his creations. Life, however, doesn’t always go according to our childhood wishes, and Warren became an engineer in Los Angeles, California. He liked his job, and it paid fairly well, but it still wasn’t his true passion, his lifelong wish. However he loved making logos on internet business, his hobby. One day, almost like any other day, Warren was ordered a logo, and so he sought out to work on it. After several sketches, he noticed something unusual in one of his drafts, what he had done didn’t really look like a logo, not even an ugly one, but more like an art piece!

From there on, everything started to unwind. A few months after his discovery, Warren was diagnosed with Kidney Disease and was in critical condition. He was had surgery twice and was sent to the emergency rooms multiple times. Fortunately, Warren was saved, and he was sent on the road of recovery where all he had to do was rest. He recuperated for a month where he started a long process of thinking about his life and his childhood dream. Warren then remembered about his “creative logo” and thought that if he could reproduce more like this one, he might have a chance to become a true artist, just like in his childhood dream. By now Warren was fully healed and was back working, although with reduced work hours. He was more than ever involved in his business, and he spent all his free time learning new techniques for his new Digital Artwork.  However a new problem arose. How was he going to monetize his art? After some time, he found a business/marketing class online. He then retired from his job and does what he loves best: creative graphic design controlled by the free flow of his imagination.

Warren’s work is graphic design made on his MacBook using Photoshop. He uses the full extent of his creativity to fabricate a unique layered picture full of bright colors. He uses his artwork to embellish products such as iPhone cases, flasks, tote bags, speakers, mouse pads, puzzles, planners, wood prints, and much more that are sold on his website and Fineartamerica page.

Interested in Warren’s work? Visit his website now and tell us about him in the comments down below!


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