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New version released – facebook login

creativinn for all the Creatives and Artists

We have released a new version of our website:

  • It’s now very easy to login with your Facebook account.
  • The website is faster.

And still :
– Fully responsive from mobile devices to computers.
– All Items can be easily displayed on a map by categories or custom filters.
– Possibility for each user to manage his own space (“items”) and events (like exhibitions, workshop, photo walk…).
– And many more features…

CreativInn is the ultimate directory for Creatives by Creatives ! It’s easy to connect. It’s free and risk free. Give it a try.

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famous Canadian artists Larry Towell

9 Famous Canadian Artists Worth Knowing About

Undoubtedly, Canadian Art is an attractive art melting pot composed of various cultures and influences. The incredibly diverse immigration in Canada brought in people from all over the world, bringing with them part of their culture which is eventually reflected in their various artistic. A small but deeply representative sample of this savory Canadian mix is given here with its 9 most representative artists. What do you think of these 9 Famous Canadian Artists we selected for you?

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