Writing a creative statement to inspire your visitors

creative statement

When you create your page (« Item ») on CreativInn, we advise you to write a clear statement. You need to share your vision and invite visitors to enter your universe.

You should write this statement in language that anyone can understand. At CreativInn, our purpose is to gather Creatives around the world and we understand that English is not your primary language. We suggest you to write your statement in both languages, yours and English.

In addition, make it as personal as possible, attractive and direct. It’s an introduction to your work, not an in-depth analysis of it.

There is no template, it’s up to you to make one. However, we have prepared a list of questions that could help you prepare it.

L'enfant et la mer by Olivier Bezombes - Creative
L’enfant et la mer by Olivier Bezombes – Creative

  Ask yourself:

  • How, when and why did you start creating?
  • What media and genres do you work in?
  • What tools and materials do you use?
  • Who or what are your influences?
  • What is your creative process?
  • What are you working on currently?
  • What are your near/long term goals?
  • Where can people view your work?
  • What message or emotion are you trying to convey?
  • What makes your art unique?
  • What does your art mean to you?
  • What are your dreams?


The Gallery and the video are here to illustrate this statement. We advise you to show your favorite creations and photos of your workshop. The video can be an interview or documentary about one of your exhibitions, but it can be anything else that shows your Creativity. You can update it when you want.

If you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us, CreativInn’s purpose is to expand your visibility, share your Universe and your Creativity.

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