OREANDRUS, Depicting Freedom

Tornado by OREANDRUS

Art is freedom

Art is freedom would say Polish artist Oreandrus. Must it be in a beautiful abstract mix of liquids or in a surrealist painting, Oreandrus always combines the perfect colors to create a vivid piece of art that attracts the onlooker and only releases him in awe of the art piece. For example, one of my most favorite paintings by Oreandrus is “Calm”. The blending of all these shades of blue create such a calm and relaxing atmosphere, I simply cannot take my eyes off of it. That is because Oreandrus’ paintings are very meaningful and carry lots of feelings that create an amazing experience through the artist’s mind and emotions. You can really imagine what was going on in the artist’s head when he created the painting.

Like most talented artists Hubert Lazocki had a natural attraction to art as a child, and he enjoyed watching his mother perform. Although he readily prepared himself for the Academy of Fine Arts, at the last moment he decided to drop off art and veered to computer graphics in the Advertisement School. Incomprehensible, foolish, dumb. Or is it? The reasoning behind this “bizarre” choice is actually fairly simple and intelligent. How can you teach art? How can you grade art? The definition of Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. How can what you create be creative and imaginative if it is only a replica of the art of others? And so Hubert started a marketing business into which he devoted all his time.

It was now 2014. It had been 10 years since he quit art, and Hubert made some important decisions this year. He decided it was time for him to come back to what he truly loved and cherished: Art. He got rid of time-consuming practices and metamorphosed into what he had always wanted to be: Oreandrus. He re-discovered himself, just as a new-born discovers the world around him. He forgot all that he had been taught about art and created his own style and techniques. Since then, Oreandrus has never stopped creating and inventing new ways to master his imagination.

Although we are about to finish today’s article, I can hardly wait to see more of Oreandrus’ work, but for now I guess I’ll just have to see his already existing art pieces at oreandrus.com or at his gallery in Jozefow, Poland…

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