Pop-Art Creative Leah Devora: The Layers of Success

Leah Devora Pop-Art

Pop-Art Creative Leah Devora: The Layers of Success

Leah Devora Pop-Art
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Combining opposite art styles successfully is extremely difficult but Los Angeles artist Leah Devora accomplishes perfectly with graphic design and oil painting. I wonder if that is because she draws her inspiration from music or from her Old 1920’s Hollywood surroundings. Whatever the cause, the result stays the same: a meaningful pop-art canvas that strikes the onlooker by its many colorful layers. We all know talent and creativity don’t just randomly appear. They are provoked by very special factors at a very special time. Here’s how Leah found her path.

She started her career as a textile designer adding her creative touch to the fashion industry. Meanwhile, in her free time Leah was working hard to earn her Master in Fine Art from the Pratt University in New-York City. Her diploma in hand, she started exhibiting her first art pieces, early prototypes of her future pop-art style. She even worked as a Production Coordinator for the Saatchi Advertising branch. She now had everything she needed to accomplish her dream: to open a gallery in a place where her creativity would be able to flow freely.

When she saw Los Angeles for the first time, Leah almost instantly felt connected to it. She was attracted by this city like never before. The most redundant thing seemed to her to be a creative masterpiece. Leah knew she had found what all artists strive to discover: Inspiration. It was this Inspiration that allowed her to set up her gallery and make her art style blossom into what it is today. Although Los Angeles had a very important impact on her artwork, it certainly would have evolved differently if not for her “ability to visualize something from beginning to completion conceptually and then creating [the] painting with a very honest vision.



After thinking deeply about the steps Leah followed before she found success, I realized that it was not due to a single special factor but more to the combination of them, and that is what makes her art unique. In fact, Leah’s success is constructed just like her art, layer by layer in perfect concordance and harmony that makes the spectator travel through the artist’s mind and emotions.

I hope with great fervor that Leah Devora’s art continues to evolve and progress to continue to achieve the “bold, exciting and beautiful” atmosphere of Leah’s mind. I invite you to visit her website: www.ldevora.com

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