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Ahmad Mateen Ishanzai

Ahmad Mateen Ishanzai Biography

Ahmad Mateen Ishanzai was born & raised in Peshawar, Pakistan on June 26th, 1994. From Kabul City, Afghanistan, he moved to the USA and currently lives in Dale City, VA United States. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Acme Collins School, a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application & a Doctoral Advanced Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine from Udmey. Self-taught in graphic designing & sketch artistry, he loves to learn all that he can about art & culture (including researching ancient civilizations).

He spends most of his time watching documentaries about art & literature, as well as taking what he’s learned & creating creative artwork based on them. He also works with a few freelancers on creative works of art, is familiar with the basic knowledge of using online graphic illustration software & he’s able to work well with teams.

Ahmad is very passionate about art & has learned all that he can from watching online tutorials. He has a very creative & original drawing style (by mixing the aspects of ruth-sketching with graphic features).

Ahmad Enjoys working on original ideas for newer & better forms of environmentally-friendly technology. He is into collecting art & has displayed his art in online art galleries. He knows basic knowledge of 3D graphic art, looking forward to drawing the environment around him & has pursued teaching these skills of his to others.

Ahmad’s Artist Statement

I’m very passionate about creating art. I currently have been inspired by the need for us to be more aware of what’s happening in our environment and the things that are affecting it. I feel as though we are all interconnected and to not be a part of the change needed, is doing nothing but being a part of the problem. I’m also concerned about the environment and love to paint with my hands and heart. I’m a designer who finds influence in nature and the shapes around me.

Art is the manifestation of beauty, creativity, and imagination. I love art and will do all that I can to learn more about it. I appreciate art and will always seek to learn more about it. I always hope to develop a deeper appreciation for the arts. Art has been my obsession and has been my passion since childhood.

I have been learning about art for many years. I love to read about it, learn about its history of it, and visit museums and galleries. I am fascinated by the different styles, eras, and movements over time that artists have explored.


Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius. His art was so inspiring, it continues to influence me in my everyday life. He changed the way we see and think about our world. His inventions, such as the helicopter and parachute, were centuries ahead of their time, and his painting technique also changed art forever. I strive to be like Da Vinci in both my professional and personal life in order to accomplish great things.

The artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci inspires me to create more art, and more importantly to live more fully. His style was not just about his paintings, but also about life itself, finding the beauty in everything that surrounded him. Here are some art inspirations from Da Vinci’s work that has inspired me in my own life.

When we think of the Renaissance, we tend to think of Leonardo Da Vinci as one of the greatest artistic geniuses that ever lived. But what about his influences? Did he draw his inspiration from other artists before him? The truth is, he did indeed take much inspiration from Michelangelo and Raphael, among others, but what was it exactly that made his art so different and unique?

I’ve seen many of Michelangelo’s artworks & have researched many other renaissance artists like him. This piece is the culmination of all my research, this work showcases his influence on modern-day artists by paying homage to some of his most famous pieces. One of the main pieces that I enjoyed learning about was his statue of David. He is most famous for this statue because it was used to represent strength and masculinity in Florence during this period of time. Another piece that I found very interesting was his painting of The Creation Of Adam on The Sistine Chapel ceiling.

This work of art really shows off what a great artist Michelangelo was with his ability to make the figures look realistic and believable yet still have a sense of movement in the painting. I admire Michelangelo’s artworks and have been inspired by his work to create my own. Although he was born years before me, I feel a connection to him because we both create artwork that is meant to inspire people. Michelangelo was a true renaissance artist who created much excellent artwork that is still used as inspiration to this day. He was the leader of the High Renaissance period and has been accredited with starting the Mannerist movement.