GUARDO IL BLU Maurizio D’Andrea

Maurizio D’Andrea

Italian Contemporary Artist Maurizio D’Andrea: The Painter of the Inner Metaverses

Maurizio D’Andrea, an Italian contemporary artist, creates what he feels instead of what he sees. His creativity and originality mark him as a universal artist for his works in paint, digital graphics, sculpture, photography and artistic short films.
Maurizio D’Andrea was born just outside Naples, Italy, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. After studying volcanology and geology, D’Andrea learned to infuse the explosive impetuosity of Mount Vesuvius into all of his creations. He has garnered recognition and awards for this work.

The artist began painting in oil at a very young age, establishing a deep and visceral relationship with the canvas. Initially drawn to the realistic depiction of landscapes, he quickly adopted a more abstract approach, investigating the ongoing dialogue between the conscious and subconscious minds.

He now straddles very different techniques, ranging from more traditional mediums, like acrylic and oil, to generative art, experimenting with artificial intelligence, neural algorithms, Vonoroi diagrams and fractal images.

As a sculptor, he molds porous blocks of concrete into three-dimensional projections of his paintings.

As a video artist, he envisions futuristic scenarios populated by robots amongst vestiges of human life. Across these diverse forms of expression, movement is a predominant theme. Movement reveals the emotional undercurrents of the artist’s restless psyche, while bold chromatic juxtapositions betray his inner vitality and strength. His visions, through drawings, create fantastical landscapes, becoming poetry in the eye of the beholder.

He also expresses his creativity by writing poems and song lyrics. He strums the guitar to accompany himself as he interprets Neapolitan caricatures, some of his creations.

Artist Statement

My creative work spans various artistic fields such as painting, digital graphics, sculpture, generative art, photography and video art.

I express my creativity through the energy that has its roots in the subconscious. It animates all my creations. My pictorial works arise from the need to give form to private and emotional images that are interpretations whose symbolic content is in a continuous dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious mind. They are acrylic compositions, both geometric-abstract and lyrical, marked by vivid, powerful colors and by a movement that penetrates the observer’s soul.

I analyze, investigate and delve into my inner self to search for new solutions and techniques. I also unleash my creativity through digital graphics and the use of the PC as a tool. My art generates a constantly changing universe because art always follows the course of time.

My digital works express the power of color and the energy of movement and investigate themes such as silence and women’s struggle for emancipation. They are landscapes of the soul and fantastic representations. I also use very special techniques, such as code writing and artificial intelligence, to produce unique works.

I love photos that capture the moment and represent different moods. I have made several sculptures and artistic videos depicting my inner world.