TIME LINE by Pamela Iuvara

Pamela Iuvara

Biography of Pamela Iuvara

Pamela Iuvara was born on 06/01/1987 and raised in one of most artistic town, Noto, in the south of Sicily, known as “the pearl of baroque” for its majestic architectures, in golden stone, which embellish the historical center, that made the town gain the title of, Unesco Heritage.

Pamela Iuvara is part of a family of five, father, mother, a brother younger than five years, and a twin sister, who shares her passions and her talent, but developed through a different style. Since the first years of her life, she has demonstrated her aptitude for art and creative spirit, preferring to the common toys, crayons and sheets, to express her talent just bloomed. Passionate about reading, from novels to classical texts, she also draws inspiration from the stories and the protagonists of her reading. For a short time, she has also dedicated himself to the art of Japanese manga, of which she is a great admirer, creating tables representing her favorite characters. Growing, her studies, have fueled the love for art and the knowledge of artistic techniques. He carried out a restoration internship at one of the major churches, in his country for five months, immediately after graduating from high school.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, restoration and preservation of artistic and museum assets, Pamela Iuvara worked on building sites to restore monuments of her birthplace. She has a ten-year experience as a painter and interior decorator, also having made numerous decorative murals. She currently lives in France on the Côte d’Azur, but maintains contact with Sicily, her homeland. She is part of an association called “Via dell’arte”, with which she participates in various exhibitions and collective art even for charitable purposes. The dream in the drawer is to be able to affirm her art, to express and share with more people, unconditional love, for the wonderful form of expression that is art, in all its forms.

Pamela Iuvara’s Artist Statement

How, when and why did you start creating?

I was born and raised in a small town in the south of Italy, in Sicily, in Noto, a baroque city as well as UNESCO heritage, steeped in art and history, where you breathe and admire, the greatness of the artists of the past, great painters and architects who have shaped it in all its majestic beauty. Since I remember my greatest passion was art. As girls, my sister and I, we did not ask for games or dolls like all the other girls of our age, but only colors and sheets where we can vent our creative instinct. Growing this attitude has become increasingly strong and has catalyzed my education and life. From the first experiences with brushes and colors I discovered that thanks to art, I could express my deepest feelings and emotions. I attended the artistic high school in my city, where I was able to learn the basic techniques, on which I then founded my artistic style. Later I obtained a degree in restoration and conservation of artistic and museum assets, a course of study that I followed to learn the ancient profession of “art doctor”, in addition to creating myself in fact, I love taking care of objects of artistic value such as paintings and “old furniture”. Of course, I can say that art in all its multiple expressions accompanies me every day, enriching my days of liveliness and joy.

Which media and genres do you work on?

Initially, my method of learning and approach to art has been of a reproductive type, that is, of imitation of the artists I have admired and known during my academic studies, from which I learned all the creative techniques. In my artistic growth, I have created works of various genres, going through “artistic periods”, one of which is the love for landscapes and naturalistic details that are certainly today of great inspiration for me. Moreover, in my city, there has been a tradition linked to spring for many years, during which, in the month of May, a carpet of flowers is created in one of the historical streets, which recreates, according to the theme, real pictures of flowers large. I myself have created these large-flowered pictures for years, thus developing an attitude for large works. With time, therefore, I have translated this attitude into wall works, large acrylic murals on walls, commissioned to me by various clients and in various stylistic themes. All my new work is dictated by what inspires me at that time and I delight in the creation of various types of works, but my preference often falls in figurative works, while even though I appreciate it a lot, I have no inclination towards abstractionism and modern art.

What tools and materials do you use?

Almost all my works are made on canvas. In the past few years I have experimented with the use of oil colors but the times of operation, including drying, delayed my creative processes, due to the extreme slowness of the oil method. This is why I opted for acrylic colors, certainly less noble, but comfortable and quick to use. The tools I use, are the most classic, synthetic brushes of various shapes and sizes and pencils or charcoal to realize the preparatory sketches of my works.

Who or what are your influences?

In my study, I was able to be inspired by the greatest artists of the past, masters who have made art the greatest wonder of the world. I have a great passion for landscape painters like William Turner and Jhon Constable, with their works imbued with the magnificence of nature, with the boundless skies of Turner and the meticulous naturalistic details of Costable; they have been my great passion for years and I have often practiced the imitation of nature on canvas. The study of contemporary art and modern art have led my mind to open up to the creative stimuli that the world of today floods us.

What is your creative process?

My creative process is very simple. I listen to my mind and what my soul suggests to me at that moment. It is essential for me the creative spark, I can realize my works, only when I have the push of inner inspiration. Usually, it is inspired by what surrounds me, a new place just visited, a book just read, an image that strikes me particularly, a face, an object a sudden emotion. Sometimes I create small preparatory sketches to shape my ideas, others I have such a creative drive, that I immediately start working on the canvas, finishing the job in a few hours. I always try to remain faithful to the original inspiration and my art is very eclectic and hardly has a single common thread or a repetitive theme.

What are you currently working on?

The last two years of my life have been characterized by great and positive upheavals; I moved with my partner first in Liguria and then in France. All these changes have caused a temporary setback to my art, not because I lacked the desire to create, but for practical reasons such as continuous movements and therefore little time to devote myself as best as possible, to my works. Now I have resumed my projects and I am making a series of sketches, influenced by my new vision of life, which I will later transform into real works. I am also part of an association of Sicilian artists called “La via dell’Arte” that organizes art groups in Sicily, to which I participate for a year, one of which was held in the city of Mezzojuso, while the next collective international art in which I will participate, held on 22/09/2018 at the Aragonese Castle of Comiso [RG].

What are your short/long-term goals?

Like any artist, my goal is to make my art known and to share it in the world. I love working for clients, giving shape to the wishes of those who want to turn to me to realize them. I would like to transform my greatest passion, in my work and live of this so that I can base my personal and economic life on what gives me more satisfaction, or “create art”.

Where can people see your work?

For some time I have been taking care of a Facebook page called Pamela’s Art in which I publish my works in the different albums divided into types. I have participated in several exhibitions, but never permanent exhibitions, so I created the FB page in order to give the possibility to those who want to see what I realize in real time.

What message or emotion are you trying to convey?

Art is by far one of the most powerful means of communication in the world, transmits and creates unique emotions both for those who make it and those who use it. When I create, I follow the impulse of the moment, I let myself be guided by inspiration and I do not follow precise themes or styles, this because art is Freedom for me! This is the strongest emotion that unleashes me, the “Freedom”, the faculty of being guided by creativity, free without schemes or impositions. I would like to convey this with my works, the absolute freedom to decide what one wants to say, communicate and externalize outside oneself. In the same way, you have the freedom to read in the paintings and in the many forms of art, what you want without the author can, in some way, drive us or influence us in our reading of the work.

What makes your art unique?

I strongly believe that every artist is unique, as well as his art because it reflects his personality. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the uniqueness of my art lies in its multiplicity of themes and techniques, in being free from a precise style; certainly, all my works are equally reflective of the facets of my character. Also, I love the color a lot and I make a material use, I love the thick and decisive brushstrokes and bright and lively colors. Mine, as I said before, is a figurative art, expressed then through clear and well-made images, which dissociate much from abstract art, which I admire very much but which does not awaken my creativity.

What does your art mean to you?

My art is my chance to make me listen, it’s the means to make my inner world visible to others, it’s what allows me to transform my thought into physical objects that everyone can see to better understand me. My art allows me to “show myself”, to say “here I am” without filters or half terms. My works are an expression of myself, they are like bits of my soul. I am happy when, after an attack of creativity, the result satisfies my eyes, while I am sad when the work produced is not exactly as I had imagined it. My art is an extension of my body, and that is what I love to do most.

What are your dreams?

Like everyone, I have many dreams that I would like to achieve, including that of bringing me to realize myself personally, also thanks to my art. I want to continue experimenting and creating works, to give shape to my thoughts. My dream is to be a happy woman both in everyday life and in my artistic journey.