Pamela Iuvara

TIME LINE by Pamela Iuvara

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, restoration and preservation of artistic and museum assets, Pamela Iuvara worked on building sites to restore monuments of her birthplace. She has a ten-year experience as a painter and interior decorator, also having made numerous decorative murals.



I’m a french artist living in Brazil. Suffering from achromatic, I’m very sensitive to bright light. Sometimes, I wake up, and I open my eyes… The colors are still a ” burning” scream, just a violent scene… just to be there. … no more red, no more green, only a line going out. I use mostly […]

Guillaume Cabouat

guillaume cabouat

I was born in 1979 in the Cantal, and after a lot of traveling between Montagnac , Nantes, Paris , Perpignan and many other cities, I settled in Rochefort . I paint since I was 12, but for a few years, I have been fascinated by the oil painting. I like painting because I think it’s a […]

Olivier Bezombes

The Shepherdess at Lac Abbe by Olivier Bezombes

It’s from the sea that everything began. When Olivier Bezombes was young, his grandfather told him his campaigns and made him dream of far countries. In the French Navy for more than 20 years, Olivier has sailed over most of the seas of the world, and he has covered all the continents. He had seen […]