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Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, restoration and preservation of artistic and museum assets, Pamela Iuvara worked on building sites to restore monuments of her birthplace. She has a ten-year experience as a painter and interior decorator, also having made numerous decorative murals.

Zaha Hadid in Italy: There should never be an end to experimentation. One year after her untimely death, there is an exhibition of the work of Iranian architect Zaha Hadid in the Maxxi Museum in Rome. And it couldn’t have been a more appropriate place: the reconstruction of the old building in which the museum is housed is done by the master herself! Her signature unusual points of view of...

Inside Christian Boltanski Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in someone’s mind? Well, here’s your chance! Christian Boltanski is showing in Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Italy, and it’s as if you’re walking through his mind. The exhibition is called: Anime. Di luogo in luogo, or in English: Soul. Of place in place. The exhibition design has something to do with this experience too, I...