Matteo Fieno

Matteo Fieno

Biography of Matteo Fieno

Born and raised in Italy, a country which is famous for its art and some of the most famous artists, Matteo Fieno wanted to be an artist since the childhood as he had the talent and creative abilities required to become a successful artist. This is why, after graduation from art school, he pursued his dream of becoming an artist working hard on his paintings to make them unique and attractive.

However, due to some personal issues Matteo Fieno had to leave his dream of becoming an artist, to work for the family’s business.

His passion and love for art never ended. This is why he started painting once again, at the beginning for his own satisfaction and pleasure. In 2018, he started working on the Female Art Design project with the mission to make his work famous online: he wanted people to recognize him as an artist. He selected Instagram to display his work, and in a limited time, he attracted 50,000 followers on Instagram. It allowed him to collaborate with various other artists and art expert from around the world.

Since them Matteo Fieno had  attended and participated in various prestigious art events in Italy and around the world, most of them were presented and organized by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, the most influential and famous Italian art experts in the world. Due to his unique and creative contemporary figurative art, Matteo Fieno has won various awards and prizes.

 The FEMALE ART of Matteo Fieno

Being an artist, Matteo Fieno understands how hard it is sometime to select the subject of his art project and paint it with such perfection that everyone will appreciate it. As he started again in 2018 after such a long break, he was afraid whether people will accept his idea and art or not. That is why he started with a simple project in which he selected female as his subject. However, the goal of his project was to portray female in a completely different way.

Matteo Fieno started working on a series of figures of women who have escaped the stereotypes and are trying to live an independent life. He tried his best to avoid all types of repetitions in his work, this is why Matteo scanned various ordinary situations with a unique point of view that has never been examined before. He pays special attention to the suggestions related to the moment and evocative details of the subject that he is trying to paint.

Fieno explains some of the reasons why he selected female as his subject :

“You might have been wondering that female is a common subject, and in order to paint something unique why I selected female as my subject. I believe that most of the painters have always targeted the beauty and nakedness of females. However, I was planning to paint my pictures in different ways: I wanted to display the hidden truths that females hold in their mind and body, the mission of my paintings is to show the special struggle that female have to go through in this world in order to stand out and show the talent that they have.

Last but not least, I do not want my paintings to be physically intimate. I want people to see the real beauty that females have and their capabilities that actually make them unique and beautiful. “

To do this Matteo Fieno is inspired by traditional and old techniques, in addition his art work traces roots from the beginning of modern art between the 1800 and 1900 in order to offer a different point of view of art: ”draw and paint simply in your own way and try to be recognized for your style, not for your art brand and cathartically clean your work from any extra issue, even your sign” the Italian artist tells. This might be the reason why his Female Art Design project is unique, and it is grabbing the attention of many people around the world.

He prefers to draw the subject with charcoal and pencil to give it a realistic look. After that, he paints using different types of paints which include watercolors, acrylic paints and oil  paints.

He prefers using little colors to show a realistic atmosphere in the picture, this allows him to have well-defined results and show the gestures of his subject.

He likes to create a soft and fluid atmosphere in the pictures that he paint. Matteo Fieno uses different techniques in which the brushes are soiled by water, and there is only a drop of color using which he creates a smear of the graphic sign. Matteo Fieno doesn’t remove the fingerprints and spots from the painting because it leaves a realistic look, just like his stories of imperfect bodies, which preserve the error as a constitutive value of the person.