I’m a french artist living in Brazil. Suffering from achromatic, I’m very sensitive to bright light. Sometimes, I wake up, and I open my eyes… The colors are still a ” burning” scream, just a violent scene… just to be there. … no more red, no more green, only a line going out.

I use mostly oil pastel, acrylic painting and China ink on cardboard or canvas in vivid contrasts to depict portraits of men and women. But I like painting animals as well. I like working with the “rough” aspect of the cardboard combined with the “greasy” oil pastel. I use vivid colors and dark shades to highlight some parts of the piece. Thus, I can associate an appropriate light for an expression of the face. I use often my chromatic circle to define the colours location.

If I had to choose a category, I would say that I’m very close to the Expressionists. However, I don’t like to be locked.


“With the economy in dire straits, I started two years ago, a series of studies [Decrisation] based on the human condition, especially the face of homeless people. Face is meaning and language. It is obviously the location for the expressions and emotions which give information about the character. However, the face is the only part of the body normally exposed and naked. We can’t hide it in our society. So every day,when we look at faces, they told. Moreover, when we look at a face, we choose to accept the social conditions of this person. That’s why the portrait has a significant place in my work.”