Evan Steenson

Evan Steenson

Evan Steenson is an emerging Canadian conceptual artist who works in painting and digital media. He is a member of the 1313 Gallery and lives and works in Toronto.



Avoiding formalism and representation, Evans compositions present us with a renegotiation of the art-as-object versus art-as-image discourse. Often presented in series, each individual composition becomes an integral component in the larger concept. As such, these works pose new questions around what it means to create and display a visual concept.


The visual presentation of Evans concepts oscillates from the bright, utopian forms of geometric abstraction to the meta-modern, reconfigured and hypermodified forms of our post millennial culture.



In addition to acrylic and ink compositions on paper and canvas, Evan also uses variety of broadly accessible design software, appropriating and repurposing commercial tools as creative media. In doing so, his compositions point to the literal and conceptual boundaries of “new” media, as well as its inherent possibilities.



My body of work to date invites a review, reinterpretation, and re-questioning of the axioms of visual abstraction through the most important social lens of the twenty-first century – the computer monitor.