creative statement

Creative Writing Forums has been on line since June 13th, 2006 with over 43,000 members and 1 million posts.

The goal of Daniel Quitschau, the owner, is to develop and manage a creative writing community unlike any other – one where writers of all types feel at completely at home as part of the community, feel open to sharing their writing, and where writers help each other improve their writing and achieve their writing goals. He hopes to provide tools and assets to help creative writers ultimately get published and meet their goals.


Among their trademark features, you’ll find their Writing Workshops, where members can post short stories, poetry, songs, scripts and screenplays, novels, non-fiction, fan fiction, and other writing for critique.


The Creative Writing forums include General Writing, Publishing, Publisher Discussion, Query & Cover Letter Critique,Character Development,Plot Development, Setting Development, Word Mechanics, Research, and Reviewing. Don’t forget to visit The Lounge, where the community can kick back and discuss anything.

Furthermore, they even offer a Role Playing Forum, which is fun and acts as a useful writing tool.

The Writing Contests they organize is unique in that they offer Weekly Short Story Contests and Weekly Poetry Contests.

Recently, they also added a Writing Resources section, which acts as a resource directory for topics such as Publishers, Literary Agents, Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar Issues, Writing Software, and much more.