Douglas Williams

Douglas Williams Photography

Douglas Williams PhotographyI’ve been an architectural and commercial photographer in Vancouver since 1983.
My preferred subjects are architecture and interiors and I’ve developed an excellent eye for buildings as photographic art. I’ve shot products, executives, travel, theatre, and more. My images are marketed around the world through AGE Fotostock and Canadian Press Images.

Architectural Photography

I have a clean style with classic composition, strong contrast, and great textures. I provide architectural, commercial, corporate, and advertising photography services in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is the seemingly minor details that separate the amateurs from the professionals. I capture the feeling of a space or of a subject so that the photograph goes from being a simple snapshot to being a work of art. It’s about understanding light, composition and the photographic language.

Teaching and Workshop

Aside from architectural, commercial, and corporate photography, I also Offer photography workshops, tutoring, and basic classes. I can help you to refine your photographer’s eye so that you can take your personal work to a new level. I will give you an introduction to the basics Or I can help you to hone your already developing skills. You can learn in classes or one to one. I enjoy showing people how to see with a camera.

I teach a class in architectural photography at Langara College. I teach basic digital photography at False Creek and Kitsilano Community Centres.

Stock Photographs

When I am not shooting specifically for clients, I flex my artistic muscles by shooting people, landscapes, cityscapes, events and travel. These stock photographs are available for use in advertising or editorial pieces. My high quality stock photos can help to elevate brochures, magazines, books, and websites to a whole new level.

I take pleasure in my role as a stock photographer because it allows me the freedom to shoot whatever I wish. It allows you access to my work even when you do not wish to commission specific photographs.