Gilda Garza

Gilda Garza

Fight for your dreams and what you believe in.

by Mexican Painter Gilda Garza

I consider myself to be a very happy upbeat person, also very passionate about everything and anything. My universe revolves around my art, I truly love what I do. It is my one true passion to be able to express on a canvas my emotions and experiences in my life. It brings me much joy to be able to inspire or touch people with my art. I was born surrounded by art, my Mother is also an painter and my Grandmother on my Fathers side is too. Ever since I was a little girl, my Mother discovered my ability to paint. She always told me that I would be a great artist. She always believes in my ability to create.

I love art, but not only to admire paintings. I like learning about the artists and where they come from as well as their passions. I also like to know about their lives and really study them. I really like the renaissance painters like da Vinci, Michelangelo, also from the 20th century like Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso, Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo. What interests me most about art nowadays are the painters leaving their mark and making history in their paintings. I also enjoy buying art, I’m already starting my collection. I already have my first Domingo Zapata, Daniel Mazzone, Nick Sider amongst others. I like how social media influences the artists and you can see their work and talk to them. I enjoy getting to know my colleagues. My mind doesn’t stop, I’m always inspired with new ideas. Working out motives me a lot, I enjoy going for long jogs and getting lost in my music. I find myself begin to dream and inspirations follow.

I tend to paint in my studio in the late afternoon or in the wee hours or the morning. I don’t know what occurs, but these are the hours that I feel most inspired. I have my own technique, I like to use acrylics, finishing off with oleo. I have some with feathers, sands, and rocks. It brings me much joy being able to help the most needy with my art. I have sold some paintings and with these have helped distinct organizations and to me that motivates me to continue creating. I believe in helping anybody who is in need.  Sometimes I do live in solitude due to the days I just want to get lost in my art and in my own world. I just want to paint all day and night, but I do have an amazing family and friends who never let me be alone. They always call me or come over and plans are always made.

Fight for your dreams and what you believe in. Fight for love, for family! Do not wait for someone to come knocking on your door! You can change your own life and fight for what you want. Do what you most love, always give the best you can. I recommend you go all in and follow your heart and do what makes you most happy in life. Always help others, together we can truly make this world a better place. It might sound cliche, but it’s just the kind of person I am.