Songwriter & Pop Singer Shannon K

Shannon K

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Songwriter and Singer Shannon K, the destiny of an Upcoming star from Bollywood to Hollywood

  • Singer Shannon K is the daughter of renowned Veteran Bollywood playback vocalist, Kumar Sanu (the “K” is a reverence to her family and the fantastic vocation of her dad) in India. Born in India, Shannon K migrated to London at exceptionally youthful age, before moving to the United States to keep on pursuing her acting and singing vocation.
  • Shannon K made her appearance debut in front of an audience at four years old, playing out an Indian Classical Dance, amid one of her father’s shows that was graced by thousands. At a tender age, she studied the Indian classical dance form Kathak and received many high honors. Later that same year, she went on to perform at in New Jersey at the 2007 Bollywood Awards Night.
  • While still in the UK, Shannon K studied music at Royal School of Music, London. She performed in many great locations such as the Redondo Performance Arts Centre before sold-out rooms, the Sun National Bank Centre, and the Warner Theatre. She also played in a few popular Hollywood nightclubs.
  • Shannon K received an invitation to perform the American National Anthem at the Hollywood Post 43 The American Legion. She has twice shown up for interviews on BBC Asian Network Radio; and she was the most youthful Artist of The Week for her single, ‘Just Another Boy’. In 2014 at the London Rolling Film Festival, she received the ‘Best Newcomer Award’
  • In addition to her fame, Shannon K is substantially involved in many great causes. She invests much energy as could reasonably be expected around various beneficent causes and furthermore, she donated her long hair for the “LITTLE PRINCESS” cancer charity in the United Kingdom.

A few words about Shannon K’s dad, Kumar Sanu

Shannon K’s Dad Kumar Sanu is the greatest and most significant impact on her young life and as a star. In the history of Bollywood, no one is as decorated as Kumar, and he is an award-winning vocalist. He once recorded 28 songs in one day, and it is a world record in the Guinness Book of Records. For five years in a row, he was granted the Filmfare: Best Male Playback Singer Award. The Government of India granted him Padma Shri in 2009, making him India’s fourth most astounding non-military honor in acknowledgment of his accomplishments.