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CreativInn Magazine is an art and culture magazine. Founded in 2014, CreativInn Magazine covers all kind of arts including photography, visual art, music, film, and theatre. The magazine includes features on art, film, music and performance, highlighting notable new exhibitions around the world and showcasing photography.

The magazine’s primary focus is on discovering new creative talents and giving them a chance to talk about their artistic universe.

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Charles Bridge by Warren lynn

Warren Lynn: One Dream, One Story, One Man

When I see art pieces for sale that I find interesting, I ask myself four series of questions to see if I should buy it or not. Is the art piece nice and do I really want to buy it? Does it fit well anywhere in my house?” (I indeed

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Skullcity by Joe Bloch

Joe Bloch, the creative Brüklyn artist you have to discover !

All paths can lead to creativity, teaches us the story of Joe Bloch, an artist and creative director. Joe specializes in highly textured acrylic paintings and a mix of impressionism, surrealism, and street art on canvas. Joe Joe Bloch started his creative career when he joined RIT and received a

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Exercises to Encourage Creativity 1

Exercises to Encourage Creativity

In this article, Eran Sadeh will list some very helpful and powerful exercises to encourage creativity. The article also covers what constitutes creativity, why we aspire to encourage creativity in the first place and what is required from the person who wishes to encourage creativity through exercises, be it her own

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sharing data

Can sharing data make the world a better place?

Cures for disease, increased food production and higher graduation rates are most likely not the first outcomes you associate with big data. Worrisome incidents of data being stolen from major retailers and other businesses that have recently made the news may be more familiar. Those stories bring an important point

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